A Wheel within a Wheel

A wheel within a wheel
     Ezekiel Chapter one
     Ezekiel 1:16 "The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, and all four of them had the same form, their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another."
     In Ezekiel chapter one you see this wonderful vision of these cherubim in all the glory of the presence of the Living God. Cherubim are angels concerned with guarding the holiness of Almighty God. They gaurded the way to the tree of life (Gen. 3:24), and a representation of them was upon the "MERCY" seat of the Ark (Exod. 25:18-22). Satan was also one before his fall (Ezek.28:14-16).
     Where these cherubim rest upon the earth, there is this wheel within a wheel. They stand before the holiness of almighty God and in that place where 'these things' rest upon the earth, there is this Wheel within a wheel. It is so in all Gods dealings with man. The tree of life, the mecry seat, Satan, and the holiness of Almighty God. Yet in Gods dealing with man all things are like a wheel within a wheel.
     Almighty Gods purpose, works, and dealings with man, do not leave Gods perfect order and purpose. Gods dealings with man do not go far, and always return to the very same place, yet they are always moving. "Ezek. 1:17 Whenever they moved, they moved in any of four directions, WITHOUT TURNING AS THEY MOVED." These beings move in any direction WITHOUT TURNING. Yet they rest upon a wheel within a wheel and the spirit of the living beings is in the wheel (verse 20).
     Gods dealings with man, and all creation, have a set order and does not leave it's cycle or order. So does man run in the same type of a wheel within a wheel in his shortcomings, his relationship, purpose, desires and Gods plans and purpose for him .
     You see these things throughout the word and creation of God and in regards to man. The same battles which have gone on from Satans fall, you see throughout the end of Almighty Gods word and into the end of Gods dealings with man in Revelations.
     Rev. 20:7-9 "And when the thousand years are complete, Satan will be released from his prison, and will come out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together for war; the number of them is like the sand of the seashore. And they came up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the Saints and the beloved city, and fire came down from heaven and devoured them.
     All of the same battles, trials and SHORTCOMINGS of man you see in Adam, you see in Israel. You see Gods dealings with her, as you do with all the GREAT men of God who have found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Then you see the VERY SAME things throughout the church age and Gods dealings with us. You see these same things go in this, wheel within a wheel. All of Gods plan, provisions and purpose, also go side by side, and He never strays from His purpose and plan. He, as these Cherubim, moves without turning. The same things you see in Genesis, you see throughout the Old Testament, and the straightforward purpose of God 'CHANGES NOT' in the New Testament. Yeshua (Jesus) is the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the earth. Satan has desired to unseat Almighty God, and man has been caught up in this battle from the beginning and it will be so to the end.
     Colo. 1:15-17 "And He is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on the earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities- all things have been created by Him and for Him And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.
      "Resurrection life and the natural man"
      Adonias answer to the natural man is the cross. If we were ever able to fullfill any of the requirements of the law, Yeshua would have come, lived a perfect life and returned. But 'His' answer to the natural man, the flesh and our righteouness is THE CROSS! Its the end of the natural man and the birth of the new man.
      I have never seen any true Saint point out the need for 'His' grace who thought that gave them a right to sin. In fact I've found it to be quit the opposite. Those who put NO HOPE in the flesh, nor the natural man, KNOW it is only by His grace that they are saved. They then tend to walk more upright then most. Remember Noah? He was the only one found righteous in his day, he was perfect, and what is said of him? He found "GRACE" in the eyes of Adonai. You dont need grace if you are perfect, he was perfect through this grace that he found.
      Those who have found these truths do not use them to sin, but to be led by Him, and they are not able to EVER mention their own abilities. They would NEVER PUT ANY HOPE in the flesh. They see with 'good eyes' that our righteousness is filthy rags and of NO value in the sight of Him who called us.
      I must also make it clear that those who know that the law is good, and look to it for direction and the ways of the 'One', are not evil as long as their hope is not in their ability to keep the law, in its pure purpose and intent. Anyone who truly looks at the law and it perfect, pure, and total requirements, would cling to His grace, if they truly see the law. It covers every aspect of life, and it purpose is perfection, not being on the right track, or trying, nor any other thing which man would put his faith in other than 'His' finished work. When we look to ourselves, the flesh, and anything of our own righteousness, we are no more than religious and self righteous.
      Look at Aarons rod which budded in Numbers chapter 17. Thats a clear picture of heavenly fruit, the purpose of Him who does these things, and man's utter inability to bring this heaveny life about. That rod that is 'cut off' is death, a seperation of the natural man. That life which is produced by 'Him' (through Gods doing) is a pure picture of resurrection life, otherness, something which mans doing, strenghts, and righteousness have nothing to do with.
      I know what your saying, you've found grace in the eyes of the Lamb. You've seen the cross and 'His' answer to the natural man. You put no hope in the flesh, nor your own righteousness, and you own ability. To what ever extent you follow the law, is only the extent to which you are led by Him, and not the flesh. Not the flesh for self righteousness, hope, or strenght. Its no longer 'me' but Him who lives in me. You've seen His answer to man, and its the cross. Thats the place that brings about resurrection life, thats his answer the 'our GOOD', thats His place where our rods will bud. But its only "through Him" and 'His' answer to the natural man, and that is "His" cross.
      If we want to see that resurrection life bloom forth, we must be 'CUT OFF' from our natural place, strenghts, and hopes, even our desires. For a dead branch, that is truly cut off, has no life in and of itself. Then and only then, and only by "HIS" doing, will we see the following said of us "And BEHOLD! the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi had sprouted and put forth buds and PRODUCED BLOSSOMS, AND IT BORE "RIPE" almonds!!!!!" It was not because of his righteousness, it was because of 'death' that 'RESURECTION LIFE' FROM ABOVE WILL BURST FORTH!!!
      Those who have seen the law cling to His grace, not because they use it as a tool to sin, but because they see its requirements. Those who know the flesh, cling to His grace, not to use it for a right to sin, but because they KNOW they cannot fullfill the requirements of the law.
      Some people spend their lives trying to please Him through the natural man, others see His answer to the natural man. Its in the same place where they see the source of resurrection life. The same place they see His answer to man. The cross!!!
      There are those who 'think' they can just say "I believe in Jesus, I wont go to Hell" then go to some religious services once a week, sin all the rest of the week and think, "Wow, what a great deal". I dont drag such people into the picture, it muddys the water. I also think that MOST of those with a strong desire to learn His ways through the law know they are only saved by His grace. My only fear is that they look to the flesh, and not the cross for the source of resurrection life.
      I'd like to say one other thing in regards to this resurrection life which you see in Aarons rod. Not only is this life, from death and seperation from the previous source of life, but this resurrection life, 'this OTHERNESS' which is not of man, his doings, nor his abilities, this resurrrection life shows Adonais choice, work, and purpose in the one He chooses to use. You see many which have great knowledge and education in religious and spiritual things, yet "we know" that 'He' has choosen the foolish and the weak. We also know that knowledge makes one arrogant. Many can quote verses until they make your head spin, and you are still not sure what they are saying, nor do you gain in the least from their desplays of knowledge, yet many are impressed with their knowledge. But Paul lost all that at the cross. In the natural man we know that Paul was at the top in this life. Yet "at the cross" he saw the death of the glories and powers of Pauls natural abilities and strengths for he says in 1 Cor. 2:1-5 "I did not come with superiority of speach or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God. For I determined to KNOW NOTHING among you EXCEPT Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and HIM CRUCIFIED. And I was with you in WEAKNESS and in fear and in much trembling (this once powerful, knowing, learned, Paul has now seen the CROSS!!!!). And my message and my preaching were NOT IN PERSUASIVE WORDS of wisdom, but in DEMONSTATION of the Spirit and of POWER (not his own doing for he became weak at the cross, even death worked in his flesh) THAT YOUR FAITH should NOT rest on the WISDOM of MEN, but on the POWER OF GOD!!" Now thats the cross with the resulting resurrection life flowing forth from above, seen in a man. This is a vessel of honor in the heavenlies. Its a vessel of DISHONOR in the natural. The religious, powerful, and natural, now despise Paul, yet He has become a vessel of honor in the eyes of God, through the cross.
      Yes, Pauls rod has budded and it is bearing good, ripe fruit. BUT IT IS ONLY THROUGH THIS DEATH HE FOUND AT THE CROSS, the end of the strenght, power, and glory, riches, and education, of this once powerful, learned teacher of the law, and the word.
      So we should clearly see that Gods mark of use, service, and source, in a man, is through this death, which then allows for this OTHERNESS, this "resurrection life" which flows through this cut off branch. Thats how you should KNOW if God is using a man. Its not through his knowledge, (though he my have much knowledge) its not through his outward natural looks, abilities, or strenghts, which the flesh, the world, and the desires of the natural man can reproduce. But this resurrection life which is "OTHERNESS", other than that of the natural, fleshly, and earthly. Its Gods PROOF of His hand upon that person, and its proved by resurrection life which ONLY COMES THROUGH THE DEATH OF THE NATURAL MAN.
      I'm not speaking against the law, for it is perfect, yet I am weak. I'm speaking against the natural man, and his abilites and strenghts. I'm speaking against our "nerve" to declare our 'own righteousness' in sight of His perfection, and the perfect demands which the law places upon us.
      When you are weak, when you 'know nothing', when your natural sources have been cut off through the cross, then and only then will God, through His timing, and His doing, CAUSE your rod to burst forth with RESURRECTION LIFE, OTHERNESS!!!!! Then you will bear RIPE FRUIT!
     In Him
     or as the church in Babylon calls Him

Saul and David/the natural man-the new man

      You know I may only be seeing this as a type, or it may be that the purpose of GOD was always meant to be seen in the story of Saul and David.
      I see Saul and David IN ALL OF US. Saul representing the 'NATURAL MAN', that we all have, and David being the 'NEW MAN' with a heart for God. As GOD BREATHS His life IN and UPON us, we are called by Him as Saul and David were. He pours out His Spirit (breath) upon even our flesh, but the flesh (Saul) profits NOTHING! Our natural man of the flesh, wants to rule and reign FROM the stregnths, and to the glory of the natural man. We are as much the natural man of the flesh (Saul), as we are the spiritual man (David). The natural man comes first, and the spiritual man cannot come into authority and serve the purpose of GOD until the natural man dies from his SELF INFLICTED FATAL WOUND. As I've said before, RESURRECTION LIFE only comes THROUGH DEATH. For that resurrection life (in the new man) to BURST forth, their must be the death of the NATURAL man (Saul) and its power, or the natural man will ALWAYS rule the CHOSEN SPIRITUAL man that GODS purpose is tied up in. And as you see in Saul, in the NATURAL man, we ALL must die of our own SELF INFLICTED fatal wound for the GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY of David (the new man) to come forth. Though David (the new man) as been there, BEHIND the scenes. Though He was young and still under Sauls authority, still He is the one which is chosen by GOD. David, the NEW MAN, is to have GODS authority, and will rule the Kingdom of God by and through Gods authority, but only upon the death of Saul! There are always Sauls in the Kingdom of God on earth, who want to rule the kingdom of God through the flesh, through the natural man. We all have been there until we see the cross!
      Weather this death comes through our natural death, at the end of our natural life.Or we come to the cross in this life, and see our need for His cross and partake of His death, in this life. Still the new man will not reign, or be able to serve the purpose of GOD, until DEATH comes to the natural man (Saul) and ressurection life burst forth through the new man (David).

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