An important message 7-8-02

      I was just laying down to take a nap when I couldnt get away from the following verses.
      I've made it clear from the beginning that I see the USA as Babylon, the endtimes world power which dominates the world.
      "I was just reading Jeremiah chapter 51 which is another powerful chapter on the fall of Babylon and you read in
     Jerm. 51:46:
      " Now lest 'YOUR HEART GROW FAINT', And you be afraid at "the REPORT" that will be heard in the land (in Babylon)-For the REPORT will 'COME ONE YEAR' And 'AFTER THAT' ANOTHER REPORT in 'ANOTHER YEAR' And violence will be in the land."
      Now there was one word which was kept before me out of that verse, and it was the word "ANOTHER" from "ANOTHER YEAR". I just couldnt get it out of my mind, so I got up and looked it up, as to its true meaning. I thought it 'JUST' refered to 'ANOTHER YEAR', as in ANY OTHER YEAR. But it is refering to 'ANOTHER YEAR' which is 'VERY CLOSE' to the first year mentioned. In fact the meaning is used mainly when refering to a brother, husband, lover, neighbour, etc. or in otherwords very close to the year of the first report, yet NOT the same year.
      So it would seem to me that when you hear of, or see, this MEANINGFUL report 'ONE YEAR' that 'ANOTHER' very meaningful report will follow "not" the SAME YEAR, but a year 'VERY CLOSE' to the year of the first report. The meaning is VERY CLOSE!!!
      Its seems clear to me that "a report" was HEARD throughout Babylon and the world from the WTC attacks and we saw very little, if anything happen the rest of that year. It also seems clear to me that from what I'm now seeing, that this year or in a year VERY CLOSE to 2001, we will see a new stunning 2ND report then-'violence in the land' and the land that is clearly being mentioned is Babylon!
      Heres more of Jerm. 51:44-48
      "[44] And I will punish Bel (Bel means the LORD! The Lord of Babylon) in Babylon,
     and take out of his mouth what he has swallowed.
     The nations shall no longer flow to him; (when this second report happens, it will stop this huge flood of people from heading to Babylon)
     the wall of Babylon has fallen. (Where else is the wall of Babylon? Where people have entered Babylon from the beginning, right back to Plymouth Rock)
     [45] "Go out of the midst of her, my people!
     Let every man save his life
     from the fierce anger of the LORD! (How? By turning from Babylon 'as your source' and protector, and turning to Him in TRUTH!!!)
     [46] Let not your heart faint, and be not fearful
     at 'the report' heard in the land,
     when a report comes in one year (the WTC attack of 2001)
     and afterward a report in another year, (Thats the 'ANOTHER' which means VERY close)
     and violence is in the land,
     and ruler is against ruler.
     [47] "Therefore, behold, the days are coming
     when I will punish the images of Babylon;
     her whole land shall be put to shame,
     and all her slain shall fall in the midst of her.
     [48] Then the heavens and the earth,
     and all that is in them,
     shall sing for joy over Babylon;
     for the destroyers shall come against them out of the north, says
     the LORD.
     [49] Babylon must fall for the slain of Israel, (The TRUE children of God first and foremost, we gentiles are grafted in)
     as for Babylon have fallen the slain of all the earth.
     [50] "You that have escaped from the sword,
     go, stand not still!!!!
     Remember the LORD from afar,
     and let Jerusalem come into your mind."
      Its this simple Saints. Once you hear and see that FIRST report NOTHING else would, nor did it, happen the rest of that year. But in a year "VERY CLOSE" to the year of the first report, "violence shall enter Babylon" and ruler shall go against ruler.
      I even made it part of my website, since shortly after the WTC attacks, that those attacks were only a warning and a foreshadowing of what would soon follow.
      By His Grace all day I have been overwhelmed by the purpose and power of God as He is dealing with me about the importance of these verses.
      I looked up the word 'REPORT' used here and I am even more amazed as I go on with this. The word 'report' carries this meaning "NEWS" or 'a report'. It comes from a meaning to stun one, stupefy, astonish, to make desolate, destroy, lay waste, in regards to the report or news.
      As I see it, these verses are saying that One Year there will be a report or news which will stun, stupefy, make desolate, destroy those in Babylon (the WTC attacks)and in ANOTHER year which is VERY CLOSE to the year of the FIRST STUNNING NEWS there will be ANOTHER report which will stun and stupify the hearers. And then violence is in the land, and ruler is against ruler.
      Isnt that a PERFECT picture of the NEWS and REPORTS of the WTC attacks? Then in a year VERY CLOSE to the first year, but not the same year, there will be
     ANOTHER report which will stun and stupefy the hearers and then violence enters the land.
      It's now "Jan. 3, 2005"
      As I now look back on what I wrote here in July 2002 it seems that the tsunami that hit Indonesia could be the 2ND stunning report that was refered to. It was not the same year of the WTC attacks yet, it was a 2ND stunning report in a year very close to the year of the WTC attack, yet not the same year. This surely (the tsunami) is stunning news that stupified the world as it hears of this 2ND stunning event (report).
      The WTC attack was one of the most stunning events in our (the USA) modern history, now this earthquake and tsunami are the biggest, most stunning event of modern man and the world.
      Both of these events are clear types and pictures of what will happen if a asteroid hits in the ocean off the U.S. coast. They are also 2 reports which stun, stupify, make desolate, and destroy, on a scale unseen in American and world history.
      Remember though Saints, if an asteroid hits the earth, in an ocean, it will be much, much worst than these events. It will change life as we know it. REMEMBER 'LOVE NOT THE WORLD NOR THE THINGS OF THE WORLD'. Why? They are temporary things which we are not to love nor put our trust in. We are to be looking for Him and His eternal kingdom.
      Judge these things for yourselves, but "BE PREPARED"!

Coming world events Parts 1+2

Coming world events as I see them.
      Part I
      Matthew 24:4-8 "See to it that no one 'MISLEADS' you. For many will come in My name, saying, I am the Christ, and will mislead many. And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see 'THAT YOU ARE NOT FRIGHTENED, for those things 'MUST' take place, but that is 'not yet the end'. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But 'ALL THESE THINGS' are 'MERELY THE BEGINNING' of birth pangs.
     Wars and rumors of wars:
      Since the beginning of the church age there have been wars and rumors of wars. These words and this warning have been the same throughout the church age and wars and rumors of war shall continue.
      In the 1900's we saw World Wars 1+2, the dropping of atomics bombs on Japan, and other major wars. These things will continue and you 'could' even see another use of nuclear bombs of some sort, especially by terrorist. Even so, we have seen wars and rumors of wars from the beginning. They have become more frequent and happened with more destructive weapons and with greater loss of life. Even so the Lords words remain "see that you are not mislead, see that you are not frightened, and know that 'these things' are merely 'THE BEGINNING' of birth pangs.
     Famines and earthquakes:
      Since the beginning there have been 'famines and earthquakes', yet we are seeing an increase of both. Again His words would be the same, "see that you are not mislead, see that you are not frightened, and know that 'these things' are merely 'THE BEGINNING' of birth pangs.
     Saying 'I am the Christ'
      I think that the church is not seeing the real meaning of what is being said here. You do see 'some', yet it is 'VERY FEW', who come saying 'they' are the Christ. Throughout the church age it has happened, yet it is rare and very few follow such people.
      I think the Lord is saying something even more clear and plain, yet we have not been seeing it. For we have seen many 'COME IN HIS NAME' and say that 'HE IS' the Christ, yet they are misleading MANY!!! How is this? Its through cults 'and or' "DEAD RELIGION" which leads people 'to religion' and not to a 'born again' relationship with this living God! I'm talking about groups such as the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and the endless other cults and religions which, come in "His name" (Jesus), say that 'HE IS THE CHRIST', yet they are misleading many astray.
      I'm also talking about the endless 'DEAD', 'so called churches', which are nothing more than, dead mens bones. Man made 'RELIGION' which misleads many into thinking that joining a denomination, or group, or church (as in a building or group) is enough to get them to heaven through works. The works which they most often point too is how much, and how often, you give. This is what we have seen throughout the church age that is increasing in these last days. We see many coming in 'HIS NAME' and 'DECLARING THAT HE IS THE CHRIST' yet they are 'MISLEADING MANY'. They do not know Him nor the power of His resurrection! They only lead people to religion, the law, and the works of man.
     The next event that is more than a mere birth pang:
      The next 'main event', that these birth pangs will give birth too, that will bring us into the tribulation, will be an asteroid hitting in the Atlantic Ocean. This, I believe, will cause the downfall of America as the worlds number one superpower and worldwide dominating force which most of the worlds finances revolve around. As this asteroid hits (in the atlantic ocean) it will cause the sudden downfall of America as the worlds number one economy, military, and consumers of the worlds goods. The asteroid will cause the world to go into turmoil as America falls, and also from the effects of the asteroid as they spread around the world. It will cause, and be the thing, which the tribulation revolves around.
      The asteroid will cause 'HUGE' waves that will travel across the Atlantic Ocean as seen in Luke 21:25+26 and Rev. 8:8+9. They will be the greatest tidal waves ever recorded by man. There will also be endless fires, as debris and burning rock is kicked up into the air and cast for great distances (Rev.8:7). A giant cloud will rise up over the earth and spread throughout the tribulation as seen in Joel 2:30 and Rev. 6:12-17. It will cause an acid and sulfur rain to fall upon the earth. Most of the earths water supply will be ruined by the acid and sulfur that will rain down from above (Rev 8:10+11).
      This will also begin the "coming of Elijah" as Gods Spirit will be poured out upon the Saints on the earth, as seen in Joel 2:28-32. The Saints will begin to preach the three messages, of the three angels, as seen in Rev. 14:6-13.
      The Antichrist and the kingdom of the beast will dominate all mankind from from every nation, tongue, and land. But the Saints will also preach the three messages of Rev. 14:6-13 to the same nations and peoples. It will be a time of great spiritual power for the church, as the Spirit of God is poured out upon her. This will happen once the church is freed from the 'BONDS OF BABYLON', at the fall of Babylon. Worldwide the church will be free from the binds of the world which now hold us captive, as this entire worldwide system falls. The church will need this power and anointing as she
     preaches the gospel in power, and as she is persecuted by the world and the Antichrist.
      As seen in The Book of Revelation, Babylon (the USA is the center, strenght, and power, of Babylon) will fall as this great millstone (the asteroid)is cast into the sea as seen in Rev. 8:7-12, Rev. 18:4-19, and Rev. 18:21.
      If you want to read about the fall of Babylon, what it was like, and its purpose, read Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51. Also read Isaiah chapter 13.
      Some have told me that God has never used a 'force of nature' to bring down a kingdom or peoples. Yet Jesus said these words in Matt. 24:37 "For the coming of the Son of man will be just like the days of Noah." As we know, God brought an end to life, as it was know in those days, through a 'force of nature', the flood.
      As America falls from power and the world is in turmoil from the effects of the asteroid, 'ALL' the world will look to a NEW WORLD LEADER AND POWER. The world will easily be mislead into the kingdom of the beast as food and water become scarce. As seen in Rev. 8:10+11 and Rev. 16:4 the asteroid will cause the earths water sources to become undrinkable. This will lead to the Antichrist and the kingdom of the beast to require a mark (the mark of the beast) for people to buy or sell. People will be glad to take this mark for food and water. The Saints will know better and be warning the world of this mark, the beast, and the Antichrist. For the first 3-1/2 years of the tribulation the beast will only verbally attack the church, as the church warns against the beast and the mark (Rev. chapter 12 and Rev. 14:9-13).
      The Antichrist and the kingdom of the beast will be promising to bring peace and stability to the earth as America falls from power and as the effects of the asteroid spread around the world. The Saints will be warning against these very same things. For the first 3-1/2 years of the tribulation the kingdom of the Antichrist will be bringing peace to the world, as the world is in turmoil. The Saints will be warning the world of the outcome of this.
      Don't you see why Yeshua (Jesus) said, "if it were possible even the elect would be lead astray" in Matt. 24:24? Look at what He is saying there. "For many false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect." He is clearly talking about the time of the tribulation as seen in Matt. 24:15-23 which leads to verse 24. Do you see it? There will be false religious leaders saying that these things are not the Antichrist, the beast, or his mark. They will say 'look at the good he is doing'. He is bringing stability, peace, food, and water. He is only serving God, for our good. Even DEAD, RELIGIOUS, 'so called' church leaders will be following this as, FALSE PROPHRETS! How easily many will be mislead. These false prophets "will show" GREAT SIGNS and WONDERS!! They will be saying, this is good, and that it is the only way through these hard times which have come upon the earth. They will be blind to the truth and only concerned about the natural! Thats why the Lord says to His people in Matt. 24:13 'But the one who endures to the end, he shall be saved'.
      Even the Jewish people will follow him (the Antichrist) for the first 3-1/2 years of the tribulation. But at the middle of the tribulation he (the antichrist) will go into the temple and declare that he is God and that he must be worshipped. This will be the point at which the two wittnesses in Rev chapter 11 are killed and three days later ressurrected by God. At that point the Jewish people will turn to Yeshua (Jesus) as their messiah and prepare for His soon return. This will cause the Antichrist to turn against the Jews and the church. This will be the time of the 'coming of Elijah' to Israel.
      For the last 3-1/2 years of the tribulation, the Antichrist and the kingdom of the beast will openly and violently persecute the 'NOW BELIEVING' (in Jesus) Jews, and the worldwide church as a whole, as seen in Rev. 12:13-17 and Matt.24:13-22.
      Part II to follow

Coming world events-Part 2 Nuclear fallout?

Many see a nuclear war as being the end of Babylon or the USA in the future. A Saint who I respect greatly told me he had a vision of New York city and its destruction. He did not see the destruction actually happen in this vision only the after math. He has always told me that he was sure that the entire area was covered with radioactive fallout as a result of the destruction.
      Yet this goes along perfect with an asteroid hitting near the east coast of the USA. The east coast of the USA has a heavy concentration of nuclear power plants which would be damaged or destroyed if an asteroid hit near the east coast of America.
      Above is a map of the worlds and the U.S.A's nuclear power plants. If an asteroid hits near the east coast of America it would open up and destroy most, if not all these nuclear power plants. It would 'at least' cause serious damage to many of them. The nuclear fallout would pour out of them as in Russia. But it would come from many plants and there would be no one able to cover them with cement as they did in Russia. Plus several, if not most of them would probally be broken wide open. The nuclear fallout would pour out of them for an endless time.
      His vision now goes in line in a ever clearer way!
      In fact it's very strange to me how many of the worlds nuclear plants are 'clustered' in the New York and Washington D.C. area. If a diasaster of the porportions that I see hitting that area happen, those plants will be damaged in a major way, and there are so many of them piled in that small area.
      He is right. The area will be covered with nuclear fallout but not from the source of a nuclear war, ('be not frightened these things are only birth pangs') that some have thought. I knew his vision was true and from God but I could not put the nuclear fallout together until yesterday.
      This makes it even clearer why "all the merchants of the earth stand at a DISTANCE" as Babylon burns. Why the kings of the earth will weep and mourn over Babylon when they see the smoke of her burning, Rev 18:9+10.
      The following pictures show the impact of a moderate sized asteroid crashing into an ocean. The small black figure in the lower right that looks like a battle ship represents the New York City skyline in comparision to such an impact. Its easy to see the affect it would have for a great distance much less to the nearby nuclear power plants.


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