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An open vision of the Lamb of God

January the 14Th 2002

Some years ago my wife and I had an experiance with the Lord in an open vision, which I have shared with few people over the years. I now feel led by the Lord to share that vision and His words to us, with those who read The Book of Revelations website. Up until now I had not even made it a part this website, but I now feel led to do so.
Before I share the open vision with you, I want to share a little of my walk with the Lord, prior to this vision.
I was 'born again' at an Assemblies of God church in Hawaii, in the spring of 1976. From the start of my christian life, the Spirit of God came upon me in a very real, and a very powerful way. In the fall of that year I moved to california and married my wife of 24 years now.
As soon as we were married, the Spirit of God dealt with both of us in many wonderful ways. He was very real and very alive in our lives. We were far from 'perfect christians' but His wonderful grace kept us ever before Him.
We read in the Gospels, that Yeshua (Jesus) said, 'His sheep hear His voice'. From the beginning, He would speak to me in that 'still, calm, inner voice'. From the beginning, His voice was very real to me. But many church leaders would warn me, that it was 'not right' that it was, 'of the devil' for me to say, I HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD! And this even, from the Assemblies of God.
As time went on I would be reading the word and I could hear Him speak the words to me, in my inner man. But 'THEY' would press me, to 'STOP IT'. They would warn me that it could not be God, because He does not REALLY speak to us. They said, He only speaks to us as we read the Bible, then its as information. But the 'VOICE' got stronger and clearer.
On night, as my wife and I were in our living room, I told her that I "HAD TO KNOW" if it was the Lord speaking to me, or if
'THEY' were right, and if I should stop listening the 'THESE WORDS'.
That night I was laying on the couch, and my wife was sitting at the end of the couch, by my feet.
Suddenly, as clear as I ever heard that voice, I heard Him call me. He said, John! "I told my wife." Rose, I can't help it! Its so clear, so wonderful. He then said again. John, I love you, and I have forgiven you. And John! Not only have I forgiven you, but I made 'A WAY' for you to be forgiven. And John! Not only did I make 'A WAY' for you to be forgiven, but "I AM" THE WAY THAT WAS MADE.
It was so wonderful, so perfectly scriptural. I told my wife, 'I dont care what happens', it is Him.
As I then turned my attention back to my wife, I saw the strangest look on her face. In fact she was clearly in shock. I said, whats the matter, your not turning against me also are you? She started to cry very loudly and ran out of the house. It was late at night and I ran after her. She ran behind some buildings crying. I asked her again what was wrong, but she just kept crying, so I helped her back to the house. She kept crying for about 1/2 an hour. She then told me what she saw. At the same time that I had told her that I could hear Him speaking to me, she saw Him enter the room and speak into my ear.
This is what she then told me.
She said, that as I was laying on the couch, and when I said that I had to know if it was Him speaking to me. Just as I said that, Yeshua (Jesus) walked into the room, through the wall, and walked over to me and said, John! She said that He was whispering the very words I was hearing, into my ear. She said, that it was like, after His resurrection, when He would suddenly appear to His followers in a room. And just as He had come into the room, He stood up, looked towards her and went out through the wall.
He was speaking of His death, and in this vision, He appeared as He looked after His crucifixion. She said that His face was beaten and bruised. That parts of His beard were pulled out and that He had holes in His forehead from the thorns. I asked her if He had holes in His hands. She said, No! Its funny, she said, because the holes were in His wrist. She did not know (at that time) that nails were put in the wrist, to keep the nails from tearing through the hands.
She then told me something that confused me for many years. She said, that He had no eyes! I said, "No eyes! Everything had been so perfect, so understandable and scriptural, but the 'no eyes part' really bothered me. She said, looking at Him, was not bad at all, in fact He was clearly, full of love and glory. But I said, still it makes no sense to me,
concerning His eyes.
I sought the Lord for an answer, but there was only silence. For MANY years I sought Him about the eyes, but there was still no answer. For many years this doubt remained, because I could not understand my wife seeing Him with 'no eyes' in this vision.
Then many years later, not long before He spoke to me concerning the Book of Revelations, He clearly spoke to me again. He said. John! Concerning my eyes, which your wife saw. "She has my eyes and you have my ears"! I knew right then and there what He was talking about. Its in 1 Cor.12:13-25. Verse 17 says it so clear. "If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be? If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be?"
We are ALL MEMBERS of His body! My wife has had several other visions of angels, but only that one of the Lord. And in that one vision, He spoke to us, and He showed us so many things about Himself, about us, and our 'PART' in His body.
I know that many have a big problem with people seeing visions. I had not put this in The Book of Revelations website because I did not want to do harm to those who have problems concerning visions. But now I know, He would have me do so. I hope and pray that my sharing this with you increases your faith and increases your REVELATION OF YESHUA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST).
I have learned something new concerning this vision. Its now many years since this happened and now the Lord has shown me something very important that we never saw before.
A dear Saint (Bonnie) had emailed me concerning His eyes and asked if we meant there was darkness where His eyes should be, If so she said it seemed out of place (darkness). She was someone I quickly learned had a very special relationship with the Lord and knew Him in a very personal way. So I took it to heart, and I said that I would ask my wife again, what she saw where His eyes should have been.
I asked my wife again if it seemed dark where His eyes would have been, For the first time in all these years she told me something she had never said before, she said "Not darkness, as in black or dark, but it was so 'deep dark blue', like when someone had a very deep bruise whick turns black and blue. The black is really very dark blue. Thats how it was". I said "You never said it like that before, and it has seemed odd to me and others, and I told her that there must be endless references in the Bible to deep blue".
You know what though? There is very little reference to blue at all. I found one place where the original King James has it, and it is refering to the blue (black and blue) of a wound. Its in Proverbs 20:30 "Stripes that wound (wound is called blueing in some texts because it refers to a deep wound that turns dark blue) scour away evil, And strokes reach the inermost parts".
I hope you Saints see the importance of this verse. My wife had seen Him as He was after being crucified, after He had recieved our strips, after He was wounded for our sins. What He was showing us was so much deeper than we knew. He showed us the wounding that was so deep it reached His innermost being, and so deep that it would turn a deep dark blue from the wound.
This not being enough, as I was standing over this verse with my mouth hanging open, my eyes drifted to verse 12 of this same chapter and this verse caught my eye.
Proverbs 20:12 "The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The Lord has made both of them".
You put these little know verses together with this vision and it is so wonderful, complete, and meaningful. Why has He drawn this out over so many years? Only He knows, but I know, He does everything in His own time, and He is never in a hurry!
In Him and ONLY BY HIS GRACE!!!!!


      By John
      Your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and kingdom and perseverance which are in Yeshua (Jesus).
      I refer to the last book of the Bible as The Book of Revelations because as the Spirit of God opened this book to me I saw that it was the revelation of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) and in this one revelation of the Lamb of God you have a revelation of Him, His Father, His people, His kingdom, the throne room and many other things concerning Him.
      Thus the book of Revelations (plural)

The Revelation of The Lamb of God.

The last book of the Bible is the revelation of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ), not a revelation from Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) as some try to say. If you want to understand this book you must see first and foremost that this book is a revelation of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ) himself. God gave it to Him to show His "bond-servants", the things which must shortly take place. You will see the things which must take place for the establishing of His kingdom. Babylon must come to power and fall, and the kingdom of the Antichrist must come to power before He comes to set up His kingdom.
      I did not set out to study this book and come up with my own interpretation. I can only say as Paul said "For I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Yeshua Mashiach (Jesus Christ)" Gal.1:12.
      The following is a brief outline of what I heard and saw. The Spirit of God showed me many things concerning the USA, Babylon and His purpose for His people. He showed me almost nothing concerning the Antichrist and his kingdom so I write little about those things. Christians in America have become preoccupied with what will happen in other countries and with other peoples but have been blind to their own condition and the things that concern this country. I only pray that your eyes will be opened as mine were.
      In Rev. 1:3 We read, blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near. Then in Rev.19:10 we read "For the testimony of Yeshua (Jesus) is the spirit of prophecy."

Chapter one The keys to understanding The Book of Revelations

REV. 1:9 John is banished to the island of Patmos, because of his "testimony of Yeshua (Jesus)".
      Rev. 1:10-18 John sees this vision of the Lord. This is a vision of the Lord in regards to Himself, His authority and His relationship to his church. No longer in the flesh, no longer weak or crucified but in all of His power and glory.
      Rev. 1:19 Here you have the key verse to this book, it is also a very misunderstood verse. "Write therefore the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall take place after these things".
      1) The things which you have seen.
      This is the vision which John saw of Yeshua (Jesus) in chapter 1 verses 10-18.
      2) The things which are.
      As we shall see, this will cover chapter 2:1 through a bigger part of Revelations than people have thought. After these things is a phrase that John often uses in Revelations and other writings. After these things, and forms of it, are used often in this book, by John.
      John uses this phrase " to seperate subject matter ". Whenever John is going to change from one subject to another, as he is about to change subjects, he would write " After these things ". Jesus is telling John to do , what John has always done, and that is to use the phrase "After these things" whenever the book of Revelations is about to change from one subject to another. So the phrase "After these things" or some form of it,( after this, hereafter etc.) in the book of Revelations lets you know that you are about to change subject matter. If you want to understand this book you must see this.
      The second most important thing, that you MUST understand about this book is this,
     "Whenever you see an angel in the book of Revelations, you are about to receive a new message". Angels are Gods messengers and it is so in this book. Whenever you see the phrase "and I saw another angel, another angel, or I saw a strong angel, etc." you are about to enter into a "NEW MESSAGE" from God. Remember though, that message will be directly involved in the subject that the book has you in.
      Therefore, whenever you see "after these things, after this, etc." you are changing subjects, and anytime you see an angel, it will be bringing a new message to that particular subject.
      These are the two things that you must see and understand as you go through the book of Revelations. Revelations is "NOT" a continuous story, it picks up a subject and carries that subject through "TO THE END".

Chapters two thru five. The heavenly Father and His Sons return

Rev. chapters 2+3 These two chapters consist of the Lords messages to His church. It is the Lord speaking to His people throughout the church age. It was seven messages to seven churches in Johns time, but first and foremost, we want to know what the Lord is saying to us, as individuals and as a group of believers in the age and times that we live.
      As you see, each message, to each church, begins with the phrase "To the Angel of the church". Each starts with an angel, because each is a seperate message, to a seperate church.
      Rev. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 starts with "After these things", so we are now changing from the subject of the 7 messages to the 7 churches (remember that "after these things" will be bringing you into a new subject).
      John is now taken to Heaven and it is the Heavenly Father who sits on the throne "ALONE" in Rev. 4:2. Revelations chapter four is taking place while Jesus was on earth, during His ministry and life in the flesh on earth. Thats why the Father is alone on the throne.
      Chapter 4 is a wonderful look at the throne room of the Father as He is waiting for His Son, to return from earth, while paying the price for our sins. We shall clearly see this is so as we look into chapter 5. Most christians think that when John is taken to Heaven in chapter 4 that it shows the rapture of the church and that the church age is over. This is not AT ALL what is being shown here. John was taken there 2000 years ago, there is NOTHING here to imply the rapture of all christians. Like I said we shall see in chapter 5 that the Father is waiting for the Lamb of God to return with the eternal sacrifice for our sins. When you see this, it will clear up alot of confussion in the body of Christ in regards to many things.
      Rev. 4:1-3 This describes the Father and His appearance and His throne.
      Rev. 4:4 Describes the 24 elders, sitting on 24 thrones that surround the throne of the Father. These 24 elders are rulers of Gods spiritual kingdom. They have white garments, representing that they rule in righteousness and golden crowns, representing, that their authority comes from God.
      Rev. 4:5-8 Describes further the scene in heaven, at the Fathers throne. There is a sea of glass in front of the throne and four Living Creatures around the throne.
      Rev. 4: 9-11 Describes the praise and worship at the throne by the four Living Creatures and the 24 Elders, to the Father, as He waits, in heaven, for His Sons return from earth.
      Rev. 5:1 The Father is shown on His throne holding a book or scroll. This book contains the names of those choosen "BY THE FATHER" before the foundations of the earth ( see Eph. 1:3-6 ). It contains the names of all those who shall find salvation through the shed blood of the Lamb. It is the Lambs Book of life.
      Rev. 5:2 We see a strong angel, showing that we are about to receive a very powerful message.
      Rev. 5:2-5 The book in the Fathers hand is sealed up with seven seals and no one is found worthy to break its seals and open it.
      It contains our names, as we have already stated, and it is sealed up because of our sins. No one is found worthy to break its seals and open the book. This is because no one has paid the price for our sins at this point. Remember, the Father is in Heaven, alone, waiting for His Son to return from having paid the debt for our sins. The price for sin is death and seperation from God.
      Rev. 5:6 This is a wonderful look at Yeshua (Jesus) ( the freshly slain lamb ) who has just risen to heaven, after paying the price for our sins, by shedding his blood on the cross.
      This takes place after He told Mary, in John 20:16+17 " to stop clinging to Me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father" and before He reveals Himself to the disciples and says to them, "touch Me" in John 20:27. Do you see this? If you can see this, then you have eyes to see. It has been hidden for so long, from so many.
      Rev. 5:7 Yeshua (Jesus) takes the book from the father (who has chosen us), because He is worthy, because He gave up His life and shed His blood, for us. He paid the price for our sins and this book, which contains the names of those chosen by the Father, NOW becomes the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE. It is now the Lambs Book of life, because we were dead in our sins and trespasses, but now we have eternal life, and that life is in and by and through the Lamb of God. We have life, because He gave up His life for us, He shed His blood for our sins.
      Rev.5:8-14 This describes all heaven worshipping the Lamb, because He did purchase us and made us to be a kingdom and priest unto God (verses 9+10).
      All heaven worships Yeshua (Jesus) because of the love, grace and mercy that He has shown to us and for us.

Chapter six and the breaking of six of the seven seals

Rev. chapter 6. Chapter 6 covers the breaking of six of the seven seals. The seals being broken, cover the entire church age, from the beginning of the church age, right to the end of the tribulation period. It covers the period of time that men will and can, find salvation in Christ. It is those chosen for eternal life in Christ. It covers that period of time that men will and can find grace, through the finished work of the Lord.
      This book that is sealed, has the names of those chosen, by the Father. Those names are sealed up because of the debt (penalty for sin) against them. This is the breaking of the seals, the releasing of that debt, and it will cover the entire church age. Or in other words, until all those chosen by the Father, before the foundation of the earth, come to know the Lord.
      Rev. 6:1 It is Yeshua (Jesus) who breaks the seals. It is He who broke sins hold on us.
      Rev. 6:2 The white horse, with the rider, represents, "that men will continue to reign upon the earth, by Gods authority." He who sat upon it is man and the white horse represents Gods authority. In other words, we see that "throughout the church age," men will continue to rule upon the earth, but their authority is granted to them from God. It is a white horse because it is God who grants all rule and authority upon this earth. And it shall be so throughout the church age.
      The church expected Yeshua (Jesus) to return "immediatly" and to rule and reign, but the Lord is saying here, that men will still (by Gods authority) rule and reign upon the earth, until He returns to set up His kingdom. We know now that over 2000 years would pass before His kingdom would be set up. He did not want the church to lose hope when He did not return as soon as "THEY EXPECTED" Him to.
      Rev. 6:3+4 The second seal and the red horse. Peace is taken from the earth and men continue to make war.
      The church expected Yeshua (Jesus) to "immediately" set up His kingdom and to bring an end to wars, thus bringing peace as He had promised. What He is saying to the church here is, that until He returns and sets up His kingdom, that men will still cause wars and there will still not be the peace He had promised. And this would be so throughout the entire church age.
      Rev. 6:5+6 The third seal is broken and a black horse. This represents famine and food shortages. Yeshua (Jesus) promised to set up His kingdom and that no one would go hungry. That His kingdom would be a land of plenty. He did not want the church to be deceived when He did not "immediately" return and set up His kingdom. What He is saying, is that, throughout the church age there will still be famines, food shortages and starvation around the world.
      "And do not harm the oil and the wine". Oil and wine represent that the rich would continue to have their wealth and fullness throughout the church age. What the Lord is saying here is this, the world would continue to suffer famine and shortages, but the rich would still have their riches. In other words, the rich would continue to have their riches even as the world would continue in famines and shortages, and that this would continue until He returns to set up His kingdom.
      Rev. 6:7+8 The fourth seal is broken and a ashen horse. This shows us that throughout the church age we would continue to die and to be buried. Yeshua (Jesus) had promised the church an end to death and the grave, but here He is saying, that until He returns and sets up His kingdom, that we would continue to die and to be buried in the grave.
      He promised a peaceful and abundant life. We see here that throughout the church age, we would have wars, famine and pestilence, and that men would continue to be killed by even wild animals. We see also that these conditions would continue to cover about 1/4 of the earth at a time, until He returns to set up His kingdom.
      Rev. 6:9-11 The breaking of the fifth seal. We see here, those who have been slain for their testimony. They are in heaven, underneath the alter. When you die, you do not lie in the ground until the ressurection. Paul said to be absent from the body was to be present with the Lord. Your new body will be ressurected at the end of the age, but you will be in paradise upon your death.
      What the Lord is saying in the fifth seal is this, as members of the church, we will continue to be slain for our testimony. And this would be so throughout the church age. We shall find this to be more so during the tribulation
      Rev. 6:12-17 The breaking of the sixth seal. The sixth seal covers the tribulation period. As we have said, the seals cover the entire period of time, that men, will and can be saved. The sixth seal is the lord saying that, in and through the tribulation, He has people, who need and will recieve salvation through His shed blood. As we go through the Book of Revelation we shall see that millions of people, from every nation, turn to the Lord during the tribulation period. This covers those people who are saved in the tribulation period.
      The sixth seal covers the entire tribulation period (and only the tribulation) because this will be a unique time.
      During the tribulation you will have one man ruling, through one kingdom (the first seal). Peace will be taken from the earth as never before (the second seal). You will have food shortages as never before (the third seal), but then again the rich will be brought low. For the rich and the poor, shall be alike, as the kingdoms of the world fall and the structure of life, as we know it, comes to an end. During the tribulation, death and the grave will have their increase (the fourth seal), as millions and millions die.
      There is no horse nor rider in the fifth, sixth or seventh seals. Concerning those who must be slain for their testimony, this will not change (the fifth seal). The tribulation period is a unique time. It must come and cannot be kept from happening (the sixth seal). And the seventh seal, as we shall soon see, will be "after all these things."

Revelations chapters seven & eight

Rev. 7:1 Chapter seven covers two subjects.
      Rev. 7:1-8 shows that Jews from the 12 tribes of Isreal will be saved during the tribulation period. Since we have broken the sixth seal (that seal covers the tribulation period) but not the seventh. Remember we are still in the subject of the seven seals and those who can and will find grace in Christ and be saved. We shall go over the number 144,000 and what it represents in chapters 11 + 14. This number does not represent what most people think. There is also a message near the end of this website that covers the subject of the 144000.
      Rev. 7:9-17 shows the gentiles who will go through and or be saved during the tribulation.
     As we see in verse 9 there will be millions and millions of them from all nations and peoples on earth. Christians who think or say that the church age is over before the tribulation are truely not reading this in the Bible. But for those who are waiting, watching, praying and not loving the world and the things of the world they will be raptured before the tribulation. They rest will go into the tribulation to break their love for this world and the binds that hold them to it.
      Rev. 8:1 The seventh seal is broken. There is silence in heaven for about 1/2 an hour. Seven is the number of completion and perfection. We have silence in heaven at the seventh seal because, all of the redeemed are there in heaven as seen in chapter seven. But why silence? Because all of creation longs for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). There is this silence as we see our Lord, our Heavenly Father, His angels and all Heavens beings, and as they look upon us, "THE SONS OF ALMIGHTY GOD".
      The seventh seal is the perfection and completion of the Sons of God. It is all those,chosen by the Father, washed in the blood and standing before the throne of God in silence. It is the revealing of the Sons of God, before all of heavens beings and the end of the church age.
      Rev. chapter 8 We have seven angels blowing the first four trumpets. Trumpets in the Bible are sounded for Gods people. They are "to warn them", call them "to get instructions", prepare them to march, prepare them for war and to return from being dispersed and seperated.
      These seven trumpets are blown to warn Gods people, to call them to get instructions, prepare them to march, prepare them for war and to return them as one people, ONE CHURCH.
      As I said there will be a rapture of the church before the tribulation, but the fleshly, carnal and world loving christians will not go. Yeshua (Jesus) said to "be ready" and "be awake" and to "watch". If you love Him, if your watching and awake, you will go in the pretribulation rapture. The others will go into the tribulation, then, when they see that they have been left, they will become the greatest christian force that has ever been on the face of the earth. That is, when and how, the gospel will be preached to every nation before His coming. That is how millions will get saved, during the tribulation in Rev. chapter seven. This will also be that great coming of Elijah that we have been waiting for, it will be that great outpouring of Gods Spirit in the last days. The power of Elijah will come to the church and the church will receive that great power that we all have heard about and longed for. The Spirit of Elijah will also come to the Jews in and through the two witnesses in Revelations chapter 11. Those Saints that believe that Jews "as Jews" will do this, during the tribulation, are being silly. How could 144,000 Jews reach all peoples from all nations and all tongues and do this during the short and turbulent times of the tribulation. No, the church will do the churchs work and this by His Spirit.
      These trumpets are a warning, for the church to be prepared and if you are not and if you go into the tribulation, then these trumpets will give you instuctions, prepare you to march, prepare you for war and cause you to become one people and one church again.
      These are seven angels with seven trumpets, which are seven different messages about only "ONE EVENT".
      Rev. 8:3-5 This describes God preparing His people (before the tribulation), to meet Him and to prepare for His Sons coming.
      Rev. 8:6 The angels prepare to sound. As we shall see, the first four trumpets describe and involve only "ONE EVENT". It is four different angels, with four different messages about this ONE EVENT.
      This ONE EVENT will be "DAY ONE" of the tribulation period, and as we shall see, it will so change goverment and life on this earth, that it will allow the Antichrist to come to great power and to rule the earth in a very short period of time.
      After you see that these first four trumpets are one event (at the beginning of the tribulation), then you will see why and how we will have peace for the first 3-1/2 yrs. of the tribulation. Then you will also see how, within 3-1/2 yrs. the Antichrist and his kingdom, can come to such power, in such a short period of time.
      That one event will be a asteroid hitting the earth in an ocean. Later we will clearly see where it will hit and the effect it will have upon the whole earth. After this asteroid hits and upsets life as we know it, the Antichrist and his kingdom will come to power to bring peace to the earth for the first 3-1/2 yrs. of the tribulation.

Chapters eight & nine The blowing of the first six trumpets
Rev. 8:7 The first angel sounds his trumpet. Theres hail and fire and 1/3 of the earth is burned, 1/3 of the trees, and all the green grass. Scientist say, that if a large asteroid enters the earths atmosphere, "before it hits the earth" it would cause massive fires on the ground, from its heat.
      That is why, we see here, a message concerning the fires, before it actually hits the earth. Remember also, these angels are all describing only 'ONE' event. So the fires here will not only be a result of the asteroid entering the earths atmosphere, but also the fires that will result from the impact and the burning rocks that it will kick up. Fire and burning rocks will be kicked up and spread for a VERY long distance. Rocks will be showering down for hundreds if not thousands of miles. This will start endless fires as they crash into everything from buildings to gas stations, cars to chemical plants.
      Rev. 8:8+9 The second angel sounds its trumpet. This is a clear picture of a asteroid hitting in the ocean. When it hits the ocean, 1/3 of the creatures, in that ocean, will die, 1/3 of the ships will be destroyed, from its impact, as it hits in the ocean. Scientist say, that the water would heat to 600 degrees and kill every living thing for a great distance, immediatley after the impact. And that 1/3 of ships would be destroyed by the impact and waves.
      Luke 21:25+26 "And there shall be signs in sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the ROARING of the sea and waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of things which are COMING upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
      2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a "ROAR" and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up.
      Rev. 8:10+11 The third angel sounds. This is another message about the same asteroid. Scientist say, that if an asteroid hits in a ocean, that the impact would kick up a giant cloud of salty, acid rain and debris from the water and the asteroid. It would be filled with debris from the ocean and acid and debris from the asteroid its self. This would then rain down in a heavy acid and salt and sulfur rain which would pollute most of the earths surface water supply.
      Rev. 8:12 The fourth angel sounds his trumpet. Here we see 1/3 of the sun, 1/3 of the moon and 1/3 of the stars, as they are darkened by the cloud that would rise over 1/3 of the earth, after the asteroid hits.
      Rev. 8:13 With all that has happened, we are now told, woe to the earth, BECAUSE of the remaining three trumpets.
      The last three trumpets, have to do with the Antichrist and the demons now coming to power, after the asteroid has undone the worlds governments, finances and structure.
      Rev. 9:1 The fifth angel sounds his trumpet. The star that falls from heaven is the devil, and he is given the keys to the bottomless pit so he can release the demons he will need to dominate and to deceive men and the nations to follow him.
      Mark 13:22-+23 for false Christ and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order, if possible to lead the elect astray. But take "HEED"; behold, I have told "YOU" everything in ADVANCE.
      Rev. 9:2-12 The demons are now released from the pit, by the devil, and their appearance and purpose are described to us.
      This is called the FIRST woe, in verse 12, because the devil coming to earth to dominate, is a bigger problem for mankind, than the asteroid. The asteroid set the way for his coming but once he is here, his persecution of the church and domination of mankind will be unrelenting.
      Rev. 9:13-21 The sixth angel sounds his trumpet. This sets the scene for the demon possessed army of the Antichrist and their deceiving of the kings of the earth.

Chapters ten & eleven A powerful new message, the two witnesses and the 7th trumpet

Rev. chapter 10 We have another strong angel and another powerful message from God.
      This chapter concerns the little book that John is given to eat, it is sweat in his mouth and bitter in his stomach.
      The Lord is showing John that, his receiving of this word is very powerful, meaningful and sweat in his mouth, but as John swallows it and lets it get inside of him, then he will sense the bitterness of what he has partaken of. What it means to mankind and to the church that will go through the tribulation is, it might be sweat to partake of this word, but it is very bitter when you let it sink in and it becomes part of you.
      Rev. 11:1+2 We see by these verses, that Isreal will be a nation during the tribulation and that the temple will be rebuilt, by the Jewish people.
      Rev. 11:3 Here we see two witnesses that will be testifing in Isreal, during the tribulation. These two men must be christians because verse 8 ends with "where their Lord was crucified" and verse 4 says "that they stand before the lord of the earth".
      Rev. 11:4-6 Describes their anointing, their powers and how God will use them.
      Rev. 11:7-10 When these two witnesses finish their testimony the devil will overcome them and kill them. Their dead bodies will lay in the streets of Jerusalem for three days, while the people celebrate their deaths.
      Rev. 11:11-13 These two witnesses will be resurrected by God. After three days they will be resurrected, then they will be raptured and caught up into heaven.
      These two will be testifying that Jesus was the Messiah, and that he is soon going to return. This is going to be the coming of Elijah that Jesus had promised. Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah and that Elijah was going to return.
      John the Baptist prepared Isreal for the coming of the messiah, and these two witnesses will do the same thing. In the old testament, prophets would act alone, but Jesus would always send HIS people out by twos. During the tribulation these two will be testifying that Jesus is the Messiah and that He will soon return.
      The Jewish people will still reject their testimony and follow the beast, but after the death, ressurrection and rapture of these two witnesses (a type of the work of Jesus) the Jewish people will turn to the Lord and give glory to God. This is a glorious look at the time that the Jews will begin to turn to Jesus as their Messiah.
      Rev. 11:14 This is the second woe, but why a woe at the end of such a glorious picture of Isreal turning to the Lord, through the death, resurrection and rapture of these two witnesses? Remember, the three woes have to do with Satan and his work on the earth during the tribulation period. Through the work of these two witnesses, Isreal will now turn to Jesus as Lord, they will begin to glorify God, and to turn to Jesus as Lord of Lords. This is why the second woe, because the Antichrist will be turned against the Jews because of their turning to Jesus as their Lord. This is what will cause the Antichrist to set himself up in the temple and to declare that he is the Lord of Lords.
      Through the work of these two witnesses, Isreal will turn to Jesus as Lord and the Antichrist will turn against the Jews. This will start the great tribulation period during the last half of the tribulation, resulting in the battle of Armagedon.
      This is such a wonderful picture of the work of Jesus, His minisrty, death, resurrection and rapture, we see in these two witnesses. This is also why we should be able to see that these two are christians and that their testimony is of Jesus Christ and His finished work.
      So as we have seen there is a rapture, before the tribulation (the first fruits), and here we see a mid-tribulation rapture of AT LEAST these two servants of God. Enoch was raptured, Elijah was raptured, Jesus was raptured, Paul was caught up into the third heaven, John was caught up while on the island of Patmos and now these two. Being raptured or caught up into heaven is not a new thing that will happen once and for all in the end times. The church fights over pretribulation, mid trib. or post trib. rapture when as we shall see, they are all right!
      Rev. 11:15-19 This covers the seventh and last trumpet. As you read these verses you can plainly see, that this is the end of the tribulation period. This will also be the time of the rapture of the church at large. As Paul said in 1Cor.15:51+52 "Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, AT THE LAST TRUMPET;" for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed." We see the pretribulation rapture in Rev.14:1-5. These are clearly those who will be waiting, watching and preparing for his coming as a thief in the night. These are the first fruits of the harvest to come. Why 144,000? Its 12x12=144,000. 12 is the number of eternal completion and perfection. This 144,000 represents all the Jews and gentiles at the first fruits rapture or 12x12=144,000. It represents them all, what ever the number will be. The 144,000 shown in Rev.7:1-8 are representative of the Jews from the 12 tribes of Isreal with this eternal and complete work done in them, 12 tribes with eternal completion 12x12=144,000. These were shown in the seals, that time during the church age, but not yet the end of the church age. Those in Rev.14:1-5 are jews and gentiles in heaven, complete and perfected. As you see in Leviticus 23:9-11, God required that the fruit that was ripe before the harvest, be brought to Him, "before the harvest." Thus God also will take to Him those that are ready for harvest before the tribulation and before the harvest at large. Some may ask, why then is the first fruits harvest mentioned later, in Rev.14:1-5, after the seventh trumpet? Because The Book of Revelation is not a continuious story, as I have said, it picks up a subject and carries that subject through to the end. The subject of harvest is started in Rev.14:1 and is carried through to its end in Rev.14:20. You also saw a picture of the rapture, in the "SIGN" of the woman with child, in Rev. chapter 12. So the trumpets cover from day one of the tribulation (the day the asteroid hits) and carry this one subject through to the very end of the tribulation.
      The trumpets therefore are for Gods people. They are to teach them to get instructions , prepare for war etc., throughout the tribulation. The Bible was written for Gods people, including the last book of the Bible.

Chapters twelve thru fifteen

Rev. chapter 12 This chapter is tied up in these two signs, one of the woman and the other of the dragon.
      The woman is clearly the church. If you look at Rev. 12:17 it states "who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus", this therefore can only be the church. The stars were shown in Rev.1:20 as"angels to the churches" it was seven there because it had to do with temporary completion and perfection in regards to this message. But as this woman gives birth to this child who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron, it is a eternal message. Besides in Rev. 2:26+27 it says "And "HE" who overcomes, and "HE" who keeps My deeds until the end, to "HIM" I will give authority over the nations; and "HE" shall rule them with a rod of iron". Rev.12:5 And she (the woman) gave birth to a son, a "MALE" child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne. These are signs and in this sign you have a picture of the pretribulation rapture and the rest of the church that will go into the tribulation. This rapture will be men and woman, it is only refered to as he, because of the authority they will have.
      The dragon is clearly Satan. In revelation chapters 12, 13 and 14 these chapters are involved with these two signs, these are signs, not clear and open teachings
      What we see in chapter 12 is the church and Satans attack of the church during the tribulation period.
      Rev. 12:1+2 The woman (who is the church as a whole) is clothed with the glory of God (the sun), stands upon the rock that is the light of god shining in the darkness (the moon). We already talked about the stars.
      She is about to give birth to the saints that are waiting for the Lords return and they are raptured (see verse 5).
      Rev. 12:3 This represents Satan and the kingdom of the beast that will be established during the tribulation.
      Rev. 12:4-6 Satan wants to destroy those who are about to be raptured, but they are caught up to heaven. The remainder of the church will have the first 3-1/2 yrs. of the tribulation to be nourished and to prepare for the coming of the great tribulation and the severe persecution of the Antichrist. The devil will only verbally abuse the church for the first 3-1/2 yrs. of the tribulation.
      Rev. 12:7-12 Satan is cast to the earth ( we saw this also in Rev. 9:1) and no longer is free to rome the heavens.
      Rev. 12:13-17 Satan seeing that he has been cast down and that he only has a short time, will still only be able to verbally attack the church, for the first 3-1/2 yrs. of the tribulation.
      Rev. chapter 13 This chapter describes the kingdom of the beast, the Antichrist himself and the false prophet who will be a Jewish religious leader. He will support the Antichrist and cause people to worship the Antichrist.
      The false prophet will set up a image to the Antichrist and cause deceiving signs, that will deceive people into following the Antichrist, instead of Jesus Christ.
      As we see in verse 3 the Antichrist will be killed by a wound to his head. He will be resurrected, causing the world to wonder at his powers. He will deceive the world into taking his mark, which will involve the number 666.
      The beast will be those nations described in Rev. 13:1+2 that will band together to bring peace to the earth after the asteroid hits and undoes the worlds economy and structure as we now know it. The Antichrist will rise up from one of those rulers. He is refered to at one point as the beast because he will become its head.
      At the beginning, the nations of the beast will be promising peace and help to the world. This will cause the world to follow the beast, as the world looks for help and a new world leader and government to bring peace and stability to the earth.
      Rev. chapter 14 This involves three harvest.
      1) The first fruits, or those who are raptured before the tribulation (Rev. 14:1-5). The 144,000 (12x12 in thousands) represents the Jews and gentiles that are walking with Him and ready when He comes as a theif in the night. Both Jews and gentiles with this eternal and perfect work done in them 'when' they are caught up into heaven and changed.
      The 144,000 represents the full and complete number, whatever that total may be. The word number here, is the same word used when Jesus feed the mass of people in John 6:10. Its the same word used in Acts 4:4 where its naming the 'approximate' number of 'men only', not a exact count of all there. Its the same word used when the Bible refers to the "number" of the beast in Revelations chapter thirteen. This number represents the whole, not an exact count.
      Also understanding this should shed some light on Rev.13:18 "Here is 'wisdom'. Let him who has 'understanding' calculate the 'NUMBER'
      (same word as above) of the beast for the NUMBER is that of a man. There is also a message at the end of this website that goes into more detail concerning the 144000.
      2) The harvesting of Gods people in and throughout the tribulation (Rev. 14:14-16). Ending with the rapture of the church at large, at the end of the tribulation, at the last trumpet.
      3) The harvesting of the unrighteous. (Rev.14:17-20)
      After the first fruits rapture, we see in verses 6+7 that there will be a great preaching of the gospel by those who were left and those who get saved during the tribulation.
      In verse 8 we see, that after the first fruits rapture, the asteroid will hit and cause the fall of Babylon. The fall of Babylon will be caused by the destruction from the asteroid and its results upon the worlds economy.
      In verses 9-11 we see that the Saints will also be warning people not to take the mark of the beast. So these angels have these messages and the church will be spreading these messages throughout the tribulation period.
      Rev. 14:12+13 We see that the hope of the Saints at this point and throughout the last half of the tribulation is "blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on".
      Rev. chapter 15 This is another sign. This sign, as we shall clearly see (in chapter 16) involves the seven angels with the seven bowls of wrath.
      It is enough to say now, that the seven angels with the seven trumpets were not a sign, but that the seven angels with the seven plagues are the same seven angels with the bowls of wrath and that they are "a sign". As we shall see, understanding this is very important if you want to understand the bowls of wrath in chapter 16, you must see and understand their relationship to each other.

Chapters sixteen and seventeen The bowls of wrath and religious Babylon

Rev. chapter 16 The seven angels with the seven bowls of wrath are the same seven angels that had the seven trumpets. The seven trumpets (which involve the asteroid and its effects) allow Satan to dominate the world scene and are what "CAUSES" the seven bowls of wrath.
      The trumpets are Gods message to His people, the bowls of wrath are the outcome of those who reject Gods plan and turn to Satan and take his mark. The trumpets are warnings and instructions for Gods people about the asteroid, while the bowls of wrath are the outcome of the asteroid and the results of those who reject the Lord and turn to Satan.
      Rev. 16:2 (compare to Rev. 8:7) Rev. 16:2 is the results of the asteroid entering the atmosphere and destroying a large part of the ozone, which took place in Rev. 8:7 through and by the end of the tribulation.
      Rev. 16:3 (compare to Rev. 8:8+9) When the asteroid hit (at the beginning of the tribulation), 1/3 of the creatures in the sea died suddenly. By the end of the tribulation, all of the creatures ( in that ocean) will be dead as the effects of the asteroid spread throughout the ocean. In Rev. 8:9 1/3 of the ships were sunk or destroyed, we see no further word on the ships because any damage done to ships would have been completed at the time the asteroid hit or shortly thereafter.
      Rev. 16:4-7 (compare to Rev. 8:10+11) As a result of the asteroid hitting, 1/3 of the waters were polluted. By the end of the tribulation most of the water supply will be affected.
      Rev. 16:8+9 (compare to Rev. 8:12) As a result of the asteroids affect on the sky in Rev. 8:12, by the end of the tribulation, it will be causing severe effects upon man from the sun as seen in Rev. 16:8+9.
      Rev. 16:10+11 (compare to Rev. 9:1-6) The devil was cast to the earth and he released the demons from the bottomless pit, we now see this spiritual darkness that covers the kingdom of the beast. It is this spiritual darkness, that is caused by Satan, that will allow men to take the mark of the beast and to follow Satan straight to hell.
      Rev. 16:12-16 (compare to Rev. 9:13-16) As a result of Satan setting up his kingdom, we now have him deceiving the kings of the earth (by unclean spirits) to come to the battle of Armagedon.
      Rev. 16:17-21 (compare to Rev. 11:15-19) The seventh trumpet and the seventh bowl of wrath, both cover the end of the tribulation.
      As we have seen, the seven seals cover the entire church age from the beginning to the end.
      The seven trumpets cover the tribulation period from day one (the day the asteroid hits) to the end of the tribulation. The seven trumpets are in regards to, and for Gods people.
      The seven bowls of wrath cover the tribulation period and are the results of the asteroid, and its effect upon the world and those who will not turn to the Lord, but turn to the Antichrist instead.
      Rev. chapter 17. This chapter has to do with the religions of the world, which will soon be dominated by the Antichrist and those who worship him.
      As in America, there is a seperation of church (religion) and state (world power, government and commercial power), there is also such a seperation in the Book of Revelation. In Revelation chapter 17 you see the religious aspects of Babylon and in chapter 18 you see the world power. Revelations chapter 18 starts with "After these things" you are therefore changing subjects from the religions of Babylon to the world power in chapter 18.
      The USA is "NOT" the religious Babylon, but we not only allow, but encourage all peoples to serve "THEIR OWN GODS". We not only encourage it but we protect the rights of others to serve, their own Gods.
      This Babylon in chapter 17 would include and involve all religions or the dead works of man that would be outside of Eph. 4:4-6. There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

Revelations chapter eighteen. Babylon and the USA and the fall of Babylon.
Rev. chapter 18 This chapter starts with "After these things", we are therefore going to change subjects. We will spend more detail and time on this chapter because it is so important to the endtimes and we who live in the USA.
      As we shall see chapter 18 describes (very clearly) the asteroid hitting and that it will cause the sudden downfall of the USA as we know it today.
      Bible teachers say that America is not in the Bible, but as we shall see, it is very clearly described in Rev. chapter 18.
      Chapter 18 covers the day and hour that the asteroid hits off the coast of the USA. It will clearly show that it is America that is described here in chapter 18. Once we are out of the way as a nation and world power, we will see how the rest of the world, which so depends upon us, will be quickly and totally affected.
      We shall see that it is the asteroids affect upon the USA that puts all the world in turmoil. This is what will set the stage for the Antichrist to come, so easily, to power, and why all the world will follow him. That is, all those who have not been chosen for eternal life in Christ, before the foundation of the world.
      Rev. 18:1 We see this "VERY POWERFUL ANGEL" meaning we are about to receive a very powerful message from God.
      Rev. 18:2+3 We see that this angels message concerns the fall of Babylon.
      Remember Babylon was a world dominating power that dominated the world with its strenght, power, religion and wealth. It is the USA that is now that world dominating power and we dominate the world scene by those same means.
      Rev. 18:4+5 God is clearly telling his people (the church) to come out of that worldly, fleshly, self absorbing and sinful way of life. If we do not, God says that we shall receive of her plagues, that are about to come upon this Babylonian way of life and world dominating power. This is what Jesus was saying when he would say "wait, be ready, pray, keep your lamp lit and do not be caught in a trap". "For her sins have piled as high as heaven". We are one of the worldliest, carnal nations on earth. We have more drug use, we have more lust for money, we have more murders, more abortions, more of all the sins of this world than any other nation on earth.
      Rev.18:7 To the degree that we have glorified ourselves and lived sensuously, to the same degree we will see torment and mourning. It is the USA "that says", we shall never see mourning, we know that we are safe from the worlds dictators and rulers, we sit as queen of the earth. We would never say that "we are king of the earth" because we say that "God" is king.
      Rev. 18:8 We see here that, in one day and in one hour, death, mourning, famine and fire will come, because the Lord God will judge this country and by judging this one country will bring judgement to the whole world. This will all happen in one hour of one day. As I said, a asteroid will hit in a ocean and that will cause the fall of babylon and start the tribulation period and it will all happen in one hour of one day. But the effects will last and grow throughout the 7 years of the tribulation.
      As I see it, this asteroid will hit off the east coast of the USA and this will cause the fall of Babylon (the USA is the heart and soul of this entire Babylonian system) in one hour of one day and this will be "day one" of the tribulation period. Did God say it would be on the east coast of the USA? No, but it is plain to see that for America to fall as a world dominating power, and if it is to fall from the effects of a asteroid, then it must strike a fatal blow to the American power source. If a asteroid hits of the coast of Florida it would be a major blow but we would go on as a world power with little problem. If it hit off the west coast, in the pacific ocean, this would indeed be a major blow, but we would and could continue on. But if it hits on the north east coast of the USA and Wallstreet, Washington D.C., Congress and the Pentagon are gone, along with, New York City and other major east coast cities, then the U.S. would be in turmoil and the rest of the world will be turned upside down. As verse 8 says "this will all happen in one hour of one day".
      Rev. 18:9 We see that all the other kings and rulers of the earth weep and mourn as she is burning (the USA). What other country would all the kings of the earth be so involved with, so tied into, so affected by, if it fell? It is only the USA that all the kings of the earth look to and so depend upon. This is why, the fall of the USA, will cause this entire worldwide Babylonian system to fall. If this great consumer nation falls, which all the worlds nations depend upon in so many ways, then surely the entire world system would fall because of it.
      This is were and how the Antichrist will come to sudden power. He will promises to set up a new world order, and bring stability and peace to the earth. That is why the world will follow him so whole heartedly.
      Rev. 18:10 We will be in such torment and under such judgement, that the other countries of the earth will "stand at a distance" and weep, because of what will happen to this country, in one hour. Look at the rioting and destruction that goes on in this country when a sports team wins or loses an important game. Or look at the killings and rioting that can go on because of a police shooting of a known criminal. Its not hard to see the total madness that would go on all over this country if there was such a event as this asteroid undoing American government and power. We are so dependent upon the "system" for food, water, health, safety and our very ability to survive.
      After such a disaster, the USA would be covered by tidal waves, fires, flooding, death, looting and rioting. These things will result in the pestilence and famines and death described in this chapter.
      Rev. 18:11-16 It is only the USA that, all the merchants of the earth are so dependent upon. It is only the USA, that buys all these things from every country in the world and it is only America that has made the worlds merchants rich from our excessive lust for the worlds goods. Only America so affects the worlds markets, and could stop the worlds merchants from continuing to make their riches. America is that one nation they so depend on for their wealth.
      Rev. 18:16-19 You can see here, further why this has to be the USA. Every shipmaster, every passenger (tourist) and sailer and all who make their living by the sea, stood "at a distance". It is only America, that the rest of the world needs ships to get to and to trade with. Only America could cause all the worlds shipping to stop and all those who make their living at sea, to "stand at a distance". Only America could cause these verses to be true "Woe woe, the great city, in which all who had ships at sea became rich by "her wealth", for in one hour she has been laid waste (by the asteroid).
      Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, should be able to see that this is, and, only could be, the USA, which represents Babylon and its world dominating government and commerce. We are that one power that dominates the worlds shipping, merchants, and money supply.
      We also clearly see here, that she will be judged, and that all the world will be affected and that it will happen in one hour of one day.
      Rev. 18:20-24 We see here a further picture of the end of Babylon, we see the end of the music, concerts, plays and bands etc., we see the end of the factories, crafts, lighting and happiness.
      In verse 24 we see that this way of life is what has been responsible for the death of all that God stands for. The lust, greed and worldliness that we have come to love has been responsible for the death of godly people and Gods purpose. In these last days the church has entered into this as much as the world has. The church leaders have become greedy for money and the prophets are out telling Gods people, that they should love and desire money, just so they can get more and more money for themselves. They are not being stoned for their godly stand. No, they are dieing a spiritual death as they cling to the lust of this world and teach others to do so.
      Jeremiah 5:12+13 They have lied about the Lord And said, "Not He; misfortune will not come on us; And we will not see sword or famine. And the prophets are as wind, and the word is not in them. Thus it will be done to them!"
      Jeremiah 6:13+14 "For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, Everyone is greedy for gain, And from the prophet even to the priest Everyone deals falsely. And they have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying 'Peace peace, But there is no peace.

Revelations chapters nineteen thru twenty two. The end and a new beginning.

Rev. chapter 19 This chapter starts with "After these things" we are therefore changing subjects from Babylon and her fall. We will now turn from the fall of Babylon and turn to the Saints in heaven, preparing for the marriage Supper of the Lamb.
      Rev. 19:1-6 Rejoicing is in heaven as Jesus prepares for the marriage supper.
      Rev. 19:7-10 In jewish weddings there was no ceremony, just the taking of the bride to the fathers house, for a marriage supper. This is what we see here, as the bride has made herself ready and is taken to the fathers house. Now we have the groom and the bride brought together as one.
      Rev.19:11-16 Jesus is now about to return to earth, with his bride by His side, destroy the enemy, and then He will set up His kingdom on earth as he had promised.
      Rev. 19:17-21 As the Antichrist and the false prophet and the armies of the earth prepare for battle, Jesus returns, destroying the armies of the kings of the earth. The Antichrist and the false prophet are thrown, alive, into the lake of fire, and the rest of the armies are killed at the Lords return.
      Rev. chapter 20 A new angel and another message from God.
      Rev.20:1-3 At the end of the tribulation, Satan is bound in the abyss for 1000 yrs., so he can no longer deceive the nations. At the end of the 1000 years, he will be released.
      Rev. 20:4-6 We see that the Saints are resurrected. We also see in verse 5 that the unsaved dead, are not resurrected until, after the 1000 year period.
      Rev. 20:7-9 After the 1000 years, in which we will rule and reign with Christ upon this earth, Satan is released. We see that he is released and allowed to go to deceive the nations. He will once again, gather the nations together, for the purpose of coming against the Saints and the Lord. The results of which, the nations and the peoples that come against us are destroyed by fire, from heaven.
      Rev. 20:10 Satan is now thrown into the lake of fire, with the beast and the false prophet. There, they will remain forever and ever.
      Rev. 20:11-15 The unsaved dead are now resurrected and brought before the throne. Here they will be judged according to their deeds. After this, death, hades and anyone whose names were not found in the Lambs Book of Life, were thrown into the lake of fire. Their position and punishment will depend upon their life in the flesh.
      Rev. 21:1 We see the new heavens and the new earth arrive after chapter 20. We must see here, that it is the same heavens and the same earth, only they are now restored to their original design. The word, for new, in verse 1 is "Kainos" it means "fresh life rising from the decay and wreckage of the old".
      The word "neos" would have meant (if it were used) a brand new heavens and earth, that were not previously there.
      Rev. 21:2-8 We see the New Jerusalem coming down to earth from heaven. Now we have the new Jerusalem, the New Heavens and the New Earth and God Himself dwelling with us.
      Rev. 21:9-23 We now have a description of the New Jerusalem. There will be this actual city, built and based upon the church and Gods finished work in us, through His son.
      We see that in the city there is no temple, because the Father and Son are its temple.
      There is no need for light in this city because the glory of God illumines it and Jesus is its lamp. The light is God, and that light shines in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.
      Rev. 21:24-27 The nations (there will still be people on earth that we shall rule over) have light (literally and spiritually) from the Lamb, and the Kings of the earth shall bring their glory into the city. We shall be those Kings, for as we have seen throughout Revelations, we are those who shall rule and reign upon this earth. We also see in verse 27 that "only those whose names are written in the Lambs Book of life" are permitted to enter the Holy City. Therefore these Kings mentioned here, could only be the Saints, as we rule and reign with Christ throughout the ages.
      Rev. 22:1-5 We see the New Jerusalem. The river of the water of life which flows from the throne of God. This river nourishes the tree of life, which bears fruit, and has leaves for the healing of the nations.
      Rev. chapter 22 Chapter 22 is the close to the Book of Revelations, the Bible, and the word of God in this age.
      It is Johns last words to the church as he nears the end of his life and ministry to the Saints.
      It is the last words written to the church, from the Lord, the Spirit and John.
      Rev. 22:17 "And the Spirit and the bride say, come. And let the one who hears say, come. And let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.
      Rev. 22:20+21
      "Yes, I am coming quickly".
      Come, Lord Jesus.
      I would like to thank my son John for helping me with this website. Without him I could not have done it. Thanks John!

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

I, as most others, use to see the Book of Revelations as a mysterious and complicated book. In the past it seemed very hard to understand, with many twist and turns. It seemed like everything was hidden in shadows, with meanings hard to understand. There seemed to be a series of nuclear wars and endless disasters. But now I see first and foremost THE REVELATION OF THE LAMB OF GOD HIMSELF. And I saw all else become clear, in light of, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
      To understand this book you must first of all see, what Gods true purpose is, in this book. And as with the rest of the Bible, Gods purpose is in His Son.
      It has been taught that, the Book of Revelations is only a book of doom and gloom. That Gods only purpose, in this book, was His destroying the earth and billions of people.
      Was this Gods purpose for the last book of the Bible? Is that the type of "last word" that Gods has for us?
      I hope that you have seen that Gods purpose in the last book of the Bible was far more glorious than that. No, God saved the last book of the Bible for a final revelation of His Son. The Revelation of Jesus Christ. And in this one revelation of Him, you have many revelations concerning Him. First of all you see Him, in all of His fullness, in chapter one. But you also see His messages, to His people, in Revelations chapters 2+3. Then in chapter 4 you see the revelation of His Father in heaven. In chapter 5 you see the revelation of the Lamb of God, as He presents His eternal sacrifice to His Father in heaven. In chapter 6 you see the revelation of the church age and the conditions that will persist upon the earth until He returns. In chapter 7 you have, what is a revelation to many, and that is the revelation of the millions of Saints who are in and go through the tribulation. You see Jewish and gentile believers in and through the tribulation period. Then in Rev. 8:1 you see the revelation of silence in heaven, at the revealing of the sons of God. In chapter 8 you have the revelation of four angels, with four messages, concerning one asteroid, as it hits the earth. In chapter 9 you have the revelation of the devil and his demons coming to power and their appearance and purpose. In chapter 10, the revelation of the sweetness and bitterness of the word of God. In chapter 11, the two Saints who will be witnesses to Israel in the last days. In chapter 12, the revelation of the woman who gives birth and Satan desire to destroy her and her child. In chapter 13 you see the kingdoms of the beast, as they come to power. You also see the revelation of the antichrist and his coming to rule through those kingdoms. In chapter 14 you see the harvesting of the earth, throughout the tribulation. In chapter 15 you see the separation of Gods purpose in regards to the trumpets and the bowls of wrath. In chapter 16 you see that the bowls of wrath are a result of the trumpets, but that they are in regards to those who turn from Gods purpose to follow Satan. In chapter 17 you see religious Babylon and those religions that align themselves with Satans purpose. Those that are not serving Gods eternal purpose. In chapter 18 you have the great revelation of the fall of Babylon. In chapter 19 you see the revelation of the marriage supper and the Saints returning with the King of Kings to rule and reign in power. In chapter 20 you see the revelation of the judgments of God. In chapter 21 you see the wonderful revelation of the King of Kings with His wife and their eternal dwelling place, the new Jerusalem, with a new heavens and earth. And in chapter 22 the revelation of all things in Christ, eternal.
      Thus, The book of Revelations.
     The revelation of Jesus Christ
      In Genesis 1:1 we read “In the beginning God created heavens and the earth.” We now know, that Jesus Christ Himself, created the heavens and the earth. For in John 1:1-3 we read “In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being, that has come into being.” Then in Colossians 1:15-17 we read “And He is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all creation. For by Him all things were created, both in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities- all things have been created by Him and for Him. And He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.
      So we see from these verses, the wonderful fact, that Christ Himself created all things. And throughout the old testament we have this God revealed to us. Throughout the old testament, He is revealing to us, through visions, types, prophecies, symbols and His words. That is the coming of Jesus Christ, Himself, His work and His purpose.
      Then in The Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we have “The Gospel of Jesus Christ.” As Mark puts it, in Mark 1:1 “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The gospel is the “good news” of Jesus Christ, but as Mark says, its only the beginning of the good news.
      And the good news is this, through the shedding of His blood you have received forgiveness of your sins and become the sons of God. We also see that through His death, He has taken our place. For the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). He died in our place and He suffered spiritual death for us. He was separated from His Father on the cross. That is why, on the cross, He cried out "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?" He never knew separation from His Father until He took our sins upon Himself.
      We also see that, through His resurrection we have eternal life. For we have this, eternal resurrection life, through Him.
      But all of this, as Mark says, is only the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ. Through His death, burial and resurrection we can now enter into the eternal Kingdom of God. This was only the beginning, we are then only “entering into the door” of all eternity. At this point it has not entered our minds what awaits us throughout all eternity. And all of this will be through His finished work.
      As we now go on “the way,” we come to the book of Acts. In the book of Acts, Jesus, by His Holy Spirit, sends out His Apostles to lay the foundation of the “Church of Jesus Christ.” Then as we come to the Epistles, Romans thru Jude, we see the Apostles of Jesus Christ, establishing the Church of Jesus Christ, which is the body of Christ. And the body of Christ, is the “temple of the living God.” This is what we become through His finished work, the temple of God. Think of it, through His finished work we have become “THE DWELLING PLACE OF GOD.” But still we cannot comprehend Gods eternal purpose for us, through His Sons finished work.
      As we keep following this “WAY” we now come to the Book of Revelation. The last book in the Bible, Gods last words to man. Having come this far, on “this way“, are we to now believe that Gods word and purpose could be anything other than a final revelation of His Son. With all His word and purpose being tied up in His Son, could the Last book of the Bible be anything other than “The Revelation of Jesus Christ?” We must enter Revelations through the same “door” and go on the same “way”, which is Christ Himself.
      Revelation 1:1 says “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” which God gave Him, to show US!
      Is this not where the word of God should lead us? Is this not what the word of God has led up to? Was this not Gods purpose?
      The summing up of all things
      "In Christ."

More detailed information on certain subjects. The sixth seal and a dream.

In regards to Rev.6:12-17 and the sixth seal, I would like to add this in regards to a dream I recently had as the Spirit of God dealt with me concerning the sixth seal.
      As I write in the Revelations website, the seven seals cover the entire church age and the sixth seal would cover those who find grace during the tribulation. But in the sixth seal you read of 2 things that I had not seen nor understood until yesterday in a dream. #1 the stars of the sky fall to earth as a fig tree casts its unripe figs, when shaken by a great wind. If one star even came close to earth, the earth would be gone. Much less falling like figs from a tree. #2 everyone hidding in caves, when nowadays everyone lives in cities.
      As I was telling the Lord, that there was nothing new I could add, I went to sleep. As I woke up, I fell asleep again, and I had this clear dream, in color, it truly seemed like I was really there.
      In this dream "everyone" heard a loud sound and everyone went outside to see what had happened, but the sound came from very far away. As everyone went outside they all started to look up and I heard "its the start of the tribulation". I looked up and everywhere in the sky were burning rocks falling to earth, they were coming from high up and they looked like "shooting stars." Like figs falling from a tree, but they were on fire and they had pillars of smoke behind them. Joel 2:30+31 "And I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire and 'COLUMNS OF SMOKE'. The sun will be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, 'BEFORE' the great and awesome day of the Lord."
      Everyone said, run and hide, and they all were looking for basements and cellars to hide in. In houses, stores, building, etc. but they all were looking to go underground from these rocks that were now falling everywhere. As everyone hid underground you could hear the explosions, as these rocks struck the earth everywhere. It sounded like vietnam war footage, as B52,s would make massive bombing runs.
      I believe this is what John saw and he could only describe it as the stars of the "SKY" falling to earth. I believe this will be from the asteroid as it hits the earth and the explosion spreads these burning rocks for a great distance. This is also what will cause the great earthquake, as the asteroid hits. This will also cause the sun to become black like hair. Did you ever see film of a volcano as it erupts and the thick ash looks like hair, as it falls. This is also why the sky will split apart like a scroll, where it hits. This will be the effect, like a nulcear explosions make a column of smoke and it rolls at the top.
      This will be at the beginning of the tribulation because as John says .."WHEN" He broke the sixth seal there was a great earthquake (from the impact). I may be going to far here, but I also believe it will be daytime when and where this happens because it was so in my dream, but also you see in the sixth seal that "the SUN became black" this is mentioned first, then then moon afterwards.
      The 7Th trumpet and the 7Th bowl both describe the end of the age and these share aspects of the 6Th seal. The great earthquake, hail, etc. As for the great earthquake, it says in Luke 21:11 "and there will be great earthquakes (plural). So as I see it there will be the "GREAT EARTHQUAKE" as the Lord returns at the end of the age. But as Luke 21:11 says, there will be great earthquakes. So there will be more than one during the last days and leading up to them.
      The 6Th seal seems to cover aspects of the tribulation, that go throughout tribulation, beginning to end. As seen in Rev.6:15-17 since this seems to show the end of the tribulation, at Christ earthly return in glory. And this is, as it should be, since it covers those who will find grace through His shed blood throughout the tribulation period.
      Also some may wonder, "why does the 7Th bowl lead straight into the judgement and fall of Babylon." There is no "After these things" before Rev. chapter 17, it is therefore part of the previous subject, including the bowls of wrath. Revelation chapter 17 is dealing with the false religions of the world. Their complete downfall will not occur until the very end of the age, with the return of the Lord.
      On the other hand Revelation chapter 18 starts with "After these things", you are therefore entering a whole new subject. That subject is the fall of commercial and governmental Babylon. The fall of the world power base and structure. This one subject is addressed alone and the subject is changed again in chapter nineteen, since chapter nineteen starts with "After these things" once again. Thus changing subjects once again.
      You see the bowls of wrath are directed towards those who do not turn to the Lord and away from the world and its religions. Therefore the bowls of wrath should lead into the end of 'religious Babylon' and its complete downfall.
      On the other hand chapter 18 deals with the commercial and governmental world power that will fall at the beginning of the tribulation. Thus allowing for the rise of the kingdom of the Beast, which the Antichrist will eventually head and rule over.

The revelation of His wife.

In regards to Rev.21:9 "Come here, I shall show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb."
      As I said the Book of Revelation is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and in that one revelation of Him, you have many revelations regarding Him. The following is what I call the revelation of His wife.
      We are the sons of the living God, chosen by our heavenly Father for eternal life through the blood of His Son. We are those virgins, made pure by His work on the cross. We are His soon to be bride. What is almighty Gods purpose in these things? We are the SONS of God chosen by the Father, which are to be His Sons bride. What is His purpose in us and through us?
      We look at most things concerning Gods purpose for us as having to do with this life in the flesh. But this life, that we now live, is only the temporary. We look at Gods great purpose as being in 'this life' and His work through us, in regards to salvation and things in the temporary. We are in this life, to be crucified with Christ, and it is to be no longer we who live, but Christ who lives in and through us, by His Spirit.
      God the Father chose us, the Lord will not lose one of us, so why this great work. Why did God put us on this earth, with a free will, in a sinful place, where all things are against Him, His purpose and very nature? What did He CHOSE US FOR? The Father choses and the Lamb loses not one of us. All eternal things are done only by and through His Spirit.
      We are those virgins washed white by His blood, we WILL BE His bride, but our reason for being chosen by the Father is to be "THE WIFE" of His Son. In Revelation 21:9 we read, "Come here, I shall show you the bride, the "WIFE" of the Lamb. This is our purpose, to be the ETERNAL WIFE of the Son of the Living God for all eternity. What will this mean for us? We will not for all eternity be that bride, but we will become 'His WIFE'.
      As you see with Abraham, the father of faith, in Genisis 24:3+4 "and I will make you swear by the Lord, the God of heaven and the God of earth, that you shall not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I live, but you shall go to my country and to MY RELATIVES, and take a wife for my son Isaac." So you see first of all, that the one who is to be put upon that alter as a sacrifice, His wife must be from the relatives of the Father, thus you are the sons of God, chosen by the Father. And you are to become the wife of His Son.
      Then we read in Genisis 2:18-25. Verse 18, Then the Lord God said "It is not good for the man (the first Adam) to be alone; I will make him a helper "SUITABLE" FOR HIM." This was in regards to the first Adam, but it is so, with the second Adam, for God was showing His great purpose in creating man in the first place. Verse 24, For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become "ONE FLESH." The lord left His Father in Heaven that he might get His bride from His side.
      We also see these things throughout His word, regarding this union.
      Eph. 1:3-8 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as "HE CHOSE US IN HIM before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him. "IN LOVE." Love for one another, Loved by the father, Loving our Lord and His Father, Loved by our soon coming Groom and even loving those who hate us and treat us harshly. All things done in love. If we are working or moving in His purpose we can only be operating in, by and through love.
      John 19:34 'cleansed by His shed blood,' "but one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately there came out blood and water. Hebrews 9:22 "All things are cleansed with blood, and without shedding blood there is no forgiveness.
      Bound together, as long as the wifes husband lives. 1Cor.7:39 A wife is bound as long as her husband lives.. Our Lord is an eternal God and we shall be eternally bound to Him.
      The husband is the head of the wife. Eph. 5:23 For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church and as verse 22 says, Wives (church), be subject to your own husband (the Lord) and as Eph. 5:31-32 says. For this cause a man shall leave His father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh. This mystery is "GREAT;" but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the Church.
      1 Peter 3:5-7 For in this way in former times the holy women also, who hoped in God, used to adorn themselves, being submissive to their own husbands. Thus Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him LORD, and you have become her children if you do what is right without being frightened by fears. You husbands likewise, live with your wives in an understanding way, as with a weaker vessel, since she (the church) is a woman; and grant her honor as a fellow heir of THE GRACE of life... Do you see how through all these things in His word, His purpose as been, being shown in His choosing us as the bride for His Son?
      1 Cor. 7:10-11 But to the married I give instructions, not I, but the Lord, that the wife should not leave her husband but if she does leave, let her remain unmarried, or else be reconciled to her husband, and that the husband should not send his wife away. Verse 15. Yet if the unbelieving one (one of us) leaves, let him leave.
      What was Gods purpose in us? It was there from the beginning, as it said in Genisis 2:18 Then the Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make HIM A HELPER "SUITABLE" FOR HIM.
      We shall be that ONE BODY made suitable, that will be by His side, as long as He shall live. And that shall be for all eternity. We shall work with Him as one, joint hiers with Christ, bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. We shall leave this life and our families, our hopes and plans. We shall give up all these things to become one with our husband our Lord. We shall follow Him wherever He leads us. We shall rule and reign with Him throughout time eternal. In things that have not yet entered our minds, things unseen, things unimagined.
      I end with these verses. 1 Cor. 2:9 "but just as it is written, "Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him.
      We are about to enter into eternity with our groom, His Father, chose us as a bride and wife for His Son. That we should become one and enter into this eternal life with Him. Joint heirs with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You are about to enter throughout all eternity as one body, as an acceptable and suitable 'HELPMEET' for this Living God.
      How we fight and divide over small, temporary things of this life, that have no place in this great kingdom.
      It shall be true indeed, "The first shall be last and the last shall be first" in this coming kingdom. But the first keep pushing the weaker, as they push for the first place at the table. But the Lord God almighty as chosen the weaker, the foolish, so that He can soon confound the wise and strong. We must humble ourselves, love one another and look at the weak and foolish with honor, or we will be humbled by God Himself as we enter His kingdom.
      Your are the sons of the living God and it was Gods great purpose that you should be Joint heirs with His Son in "LOVE". His Wife.

The Church at Laodicea (The endtimes church)

To the angel of the church in Laodicea write;(the church at the endtimes.) Whats the Spirit of god saying to the church in these last days. Its there in His message to the church at Laodicea.
      Rev. 3:15+16 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.
      Doesnt this seem like a strange thing for our loving Lord and the One who brought us this great grace to say. Would we not say," warm is better than nothing". This is His last message to the church, this is the churches condition just prior to the end of these times.
      He does not say that cold or hot is the good or bad for neither is. He says that we should be cold "OR" hot. And that lukewarm he cannot stomach. Hot water has its purpose, you can make hot drinks, soups, etc. , cold water is very refreshing and can quench the thirst. But lukewarm water is almost intolerable to our mouth and stomach. It can and will cause you to vomit, which is what is being said here. Why is this the condition of the church near the end of the church age and what causes it?
      The problem is the mixture, God hates mixture and throughout the Bible has hated it. From Genisis on, the word of God has shown us that we are not to mix. Even before anything else, God made light and SEPARATED it from the darkness (Gen.1:3-5). Throughout the law, the prophets, the gospels and the church, Gods purpose was to separate the light from the darkness. We go into the darkness as a light and there is a great separating of the darkness.
      This goes back to the work of Elijah, dont you see that Gods people were very religious and doing great works, but they were completely mixed with the world, other beliefs and other spirits. The coming of Elijah and the falling of the glory of the living God upon that sacrifice, brought death to the false words that the people of God were listening to. The coming of Elijah brought death to the prophets who spoke for mixture and the darkness. This brought great hatred to Elijah from them but it turned the people of God away from those dead works to serve this LIVING GOD.
      "You shall not plow with an ox and a donkey together", You cannot serve God and money, a good tree does not bear bad fruit. A tree can have some of its fruit "go bad". Everygrape, every apple etc. is not perfect and edible. But what is the branch grafted into, what water source is your tree planted next to, what hidden source feeds your well or spring. You cannot get fresh and bitter water from the same source.
      Rev.3:21 He who overcomes, I will grant to sit down with Me on My throne--- if you what a place of honor you must overcome in these last days. But overcome what?
      "LUKEWARMNESS" mixture and compromising with the world and the things of the world.
     If we are not circumcised from our love of this world then this world and the things that we love of it will be taken from us. We have found grace in the eyes of the Lord but we must in these last days clear our conscience of dead works and serve the living God.
      This is what "the Lord says" that the church in these times will be saying.
     Rev.3:17-19 "BECAUSE" 'you say' "I AM" rich, and have BECOME wealthy, and have need of nothing, and you do not know you are wretched miserable and poor and blind and naked, I advise you to buy from Me gold (gold silver & precious stones--hay wood and stuble) refined by fire, that you may become rich, and white garments, that you may cloth yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and eyesalve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.
      Malachi 3:16-18 Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and esteem His name. "And they will be mine", says the Lord of hosts, on the day that I prepare My own possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.
      These things so involve the workings of Elijah and the Spirit of Gods purpose for use in these last days. One cannot take a position in the work of God unless God gives him a task and equips him for it. But no one will go to the jobsite unless they hear that there is a work and they see the work that is being started.

The coming of Elijah.

Malachi 4:5 Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord.
      John 1:19-23 I am not the Christ. And they asked him, What then? Are you Elijah? And he said " I am NOT". Are you the prophet? And he answered "NO". Verse 23 HE said " I am A VOICE of ONE crying in the wilderness. Make straight THE WAY of the LORD , as Isaiah the prophet said."
      Matthew 17:11+12 And He answered and said, Elijah "IS" coming and "WILL" restore all things; but I say to you, that Elijah ALREADY came,
     Matthew 11:13+14 For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you care to accept it, he HIMSELF is Elijah, who WAS to come.
      Malachi said that Elijah was to come, Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah, John said that he was not, that he was only the VOICE of ONE crying in the wilderness.
      The very first thing you read in the Bible concerning Elijah is this I Kings 17: 1 AS the Lord, the God of Isreal lives, before whom I stand, SURELY there shall be neither dew nor rain these years, except by my words. And what is it that Elijah does? First there is a drought , but the prophet is provided for by God and you see in I Kings 18:3+4 , that other prophets are being feed and receiving water during this drought. For just prior to the coming of Elijah there is to be no rain until the coming of Elijah for his work. And what is it that Elijah does? He turns the people of God away from their worshipping with the Baals by preparing an alter separate from theirs and acceptable to God. At the work of Elijah and the prepareing of the way of the Lord all else in the kingdom of God will cease. There will be that ONE voice with that ONE purpose of turning the people of God away from their mixing with the world and the things of the world , including their mixing with the worldly, natural and carnal religions and dead religious ways of this world.
      Will he come to the Jews? Yes. And God will turn them to His Son during the tribulation in a wonderful way. Will he come to the church? Yes. And He will prepare the church for His coming prior to the tribulation by His Spirit "THE SPIRIT of ELIJAH" The Spirit of Elijah is the HOLY SPIRIT!!! And for those that are willing to turn from this world and the things of this world and to turn from worldly, dead religion , to turn too , and be lead by , His Spirit , He will prepare them. And these shall be caught up to heaven before the tribulation. But the rest will be separated from this world and the things of this world in and during the tribulation.
      What does the spirit of Elijah do and what is the purpose. Malachi 4:6 And he will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, LEST I come and smite the land with a curse. I didnt use to understand this because in regards to John the baptist or Elijah in 1 Kings you dont read about fathers being turned to their children or children to their fathers. It does happens as Gods people return to Him , but what is really being said here? Its first and foremost God the father turning us , His children , to Him , and restoring our hearts to Him and renewing His relationship with us and our relationship with Him. But this can only be done by His Spirit turning us from this world , the things of the world , the flesh and the carnal life that we have come to enjoy. And to turn His people from the dead religion that they have substituted for the living God . Hebrews 9:14 "how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to god, cleanse your conscience from DEAD WORKS to serve the living GOD?"
      For those that will be lead by the Spirit of God in these end times there is only one purpose and that is the preparing of the way of the Lord, by turning us from the love of this world and our dead religion , which not only allows it , but encourages it. Turning the church from a DEAD substitute, to a living God and to walk with the Spirit of God in truth and light.
      I believe that the Spirit of God will begin to prepare us for the Lords return. And this by bringing us light and making us able to walk in the light. We like Enoch will walk with God then , be not, for we like Elijah and Enoch will be gone. But those who will not seperate themselves from the world and the darkness, will have this done for them by God , during the tribulation. God will seperate the light from the darkness and it will be good.

The tree of Life.

I was lying down when I suddenly was shown something concerning the tree of life in Ezekiel and Revelations.
      In Ezekiel chapter 47 we see the river of life flowing from the temple of God as it flows to the sea and you see the trees (plural)of life grows there along the banks of the river. Ezekiel 47:12 says ---will grow ALL KINDS OF TREES ( plural ) "for food". Their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear every month BECAUSE "THEIR" fruit will be for FOOD and THEIR leaves for healing. Then in Rev. 22:1+2 you see this "TREE" ( singular ) of life with "12" kinds of fruit.
      In Ezekiel I believe the Spirit is showing that, we ( the saints ) are those trees. We are those that grow from the earth. As that water flows from the throneroom and we partake of the waters of life. Having been watered, by that water source and being PLANTED on the rivers banks we bear fruit and that fruit is for food. Did you ever wonder..Jesus said that we were to bear fruit. But what for? For ourselves? To bless ourselves? No its FOOD ( spiritual food ) for others to partake of. The fruit does not fail for those planted on the banks of the river. The leaves do not wither. Leaves on trees soak in the sunlight and that nourishes the tree along with the water.
      Then in Rev. chapter 22 there is ONE tree with 12 kinds of fruit. Twelve in revelations has to do with eternal perfection and completeness for all things in the eternal, will be Christ Himself , eternal and complete for eternity.

The Church in the Wilderness.

The people that God had chosen were slaves in Egypt when God had called Moses to lead them out of Egypt, out of their slavery and bondage. Likewise we were chosen, predestined, chosen by the father before the foundation of the earth. In the same way we were led by the churchage Moses, out of sin and slavery.( Did you ever notice how it seems that certain men are called by God to lead a multitude out of sin). As Moses lead them through the Red Sea, we have been lead to Christ and into a baptism into His death. We left Egypt behind and are lead by the Spirit of God. Like them we are promised a good land, flowing with milk and honey. The children of Isreal though wondered in the wilderness for 40 years and with the exception of a very few, most ( including Moses ) never entered the land even though they saw it from a distance. God brought them water in the desert to drink, brought them manna from heaven and Quail to eat. They received the law which they could never keep. They saw the glory of almighty God "and would soon turn to grumble". They tried moses to the place of grief. In the same way we left Egypt in great joy, singing a song of deliverance and praising the living God for His mercy and love for us. We too have partaken of the blood of the Lamb, we ate manna from heaven, we drank from the spiritual waters that sprung up in a dry place. We ate the Quail ( we ate his flesh ), we grumbled at times about our Moses's and tried their patience to the point of despair. They have a great reward for thier work, but like those people and Moses, most of the church never enters the promised land. They eat the manna, they drink the water, they eat the meat and at times see his glory but why does most of the church, like them, never in this life, enter into what God had called them out of Egypt for.
      We like them went in circles for a life time, we circle between the land and Egypt . But why?
      Exodus 13:17+18 Now it came about when Pharaoh had let the people go, that God did not lead them by the way of the land of the Philistines, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NEAR; for God said, " Lest the people change their minds when they see war, AND RETURN TO EGYPT."
      Exodus 16:2+3 And the whole congregation of the sons of Isreal grumbled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. And the sons of Isreal said to them, " Would that we had died BY THE LORDS hand in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the pots of meat, we ate bread to the full; for you have brought us out into this wilderness to kill this whole assembly WITH HUNGER.
      The church, like they, wonder in circles because they DO NOT WHAT WAR, THEY ARE NOT READY FOR WAR AND THEY LONG FOR EGYPT. They were chosen by almighty God but that did not make them willing to lay down this life and their lives " to clear their conscience OF DEAD WORKS TO SERVE THE LIVING GOD".
      We who are in deep desire for the purpose of God to be fufilled in our lives must crucify the flesh and its desires for Eygpt and be willing to go to battle" not my will be done but your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven".
      Now you are saying, but those few that are willing to go to war how do they enter into Gods purpose for them. You must cross the Jordan river into ANOTHER baptism, a baptism where you are not lead accross the Red Sea by a moses, but you must walk accross the Jordan on dry land WITH THE PRIEST OF THE LIVING GOD, of your own free will. Those who stayed behind were soon consumed by the enemy. You must walk along side that Ark with the grace and mercy of God before you. And even then with great fear of His Holiness, lest you disobey and are consumed by Him.
      We didnt chose God, He choose us. We were not called out of Egypt to spend our whole lives in the desert. No we were called that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to us a spirit of wisdom and of REVELATION IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF HIM. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of HIS INHERITANCE IN THE SAINTS and what is the surpassing greatness of HIS POWER TOWARD US WHO BELIEVE. Eph.1:18

Your Father and His Lamb.

I am always slow to share things concerning what I was shown in regards to the Book of Revelation. The church is so set upon this book, being only a book of doom and gloom, that takes place after ALL the church has been raptured, PRIOR to the tribulation, that they do not receive me well in regards to these things.
      Now concerning Revelation chapter 4+5 The first thing that you see is "After these things". This is clearly NOT the end of the church age, no, John is changing subjects from the message to the churches, too this scene in heaven. The after these things that would pretain to the end of the church age is in Revelations 19:1.
      I hope you will be able to see, as I was shown, that this is your heavenly Father who is sitting "ALONE" on this throne in Rev. 4:2+3. Revelations chapter 4 has John taken back to the time that Jesus was on earth paying the price for our sins. Thats why the Father is "ALONE" on the throne. We shall clearly see that this is so in chapter 5. Chapter 4 describes the scene in heaven, at the Fathers throne, as He waits in heaven, for His Son to return from earth, with the eternal sacrifice and to present that sacrifice to the Father in Heaven. You have this wonderful look at the Father and the beings and creatures that surround His throne in Revelation chapter 4.
      In Revelations chapter 5 the first thing that you see, is the Father with this scroll or book written inside and on the back and that it is sealed up with 7 seals. This book contains the names of those chosen by the Father, before the foundation of the earth and it is sealed up with 7 seals because of the debt against us, because of our sins.
      In Rev. 5:2 you see this powerful Angel saying "Who is worthy to open the book and break its seals. In other words who is worthy to pay the price for this great debt. John weeps, because at that time, no one had paid the price for these sins.
      In Rev. 5:5 one of the elders says to John "Stop weeping; BEHOLD, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and break its seven seals.
      Then in Rev. 5:6 you see this slain (the word means FRESHLY AND VIOLENTLY SLAIN) lamb
     STANDING in the middle of the throne room. This Saints, is a picture," for you," of when your Lord rose to heaven, after having paid the price for our sins. This is the Lamb of God presenting that perfect, eternal sacrifice to the Father in heaven. This took place after He told Mary "not to touch Him" and before He told the others "touch Me"in John chapter 20. You then see the Lamb take this book from the Father and it now becomes the Lambs Book of Life, for we were dead in our sins but through that sacrifice we have received life.
      In Rev. 5:9-13 you see, as the Lamb of God receives power, glory and honor for His finished work from all of heavens beings.
      And in regards to this great finished work we read in verses 9+10...Worthy art Thou to take the book, and to break its seals; for Thou wast slain, and did purchase for God with Thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. And Thou "HAST MADE THEM" to be a kingdom and priest to our God; and they will reign upon the earth. Verse 12....Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.
      VERSE13... TO Him who sits on the throne, "and to the Lamb," be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever.
      He is worthy to release the debt against us and to forgive the sins against us and to satisfy the righteouness of God in regards to sin. We become His, He paid a great price for us.

The voice of "one" crying in the wilderness.

As for the voice thats crying in the wilderness. Its the "Spirit" of Elijah, its the Holy Spirit. Thats who was crying out in John the Baptist, "in the wilderness." I was not even sure for so long what it was conveying, but now I do. I see it so plain. Yes it is, the Saints, that see His purpose and the moving of His Spirit and them being united as one, in that purpose. But I see now thats it's so much more.
      IT'S THE SPIRIT HIMSELF CRYING OUT, we are only the 'VOICE'. It's not us, it's 'HIM IN US'.
      Look at the day of pentacost, the Spirit was poured out and the people of God spoke in tongues. The Spirit comes upon us and we prophesy or we SPEAK with grownings to deep for words. DO you all see what I'm saying? IT'S THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF, but He speaks through US and he always has. WE ARE ONLY THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME " HE'S CRYING OUT." But He uses our VOICE to SPEAK!!! HE'S THE "ONE". IT'S THE VOICE FROM HEAVEN!!!!. Its the Spirit of God Himself crying out through those who hear His voice.
      In these last days Gods Spirit will come upon those He has prepared and 'He will cry out', through us. Using our voices to speak His final words of warning to the church and a lost and dieing world. The final words of the grace and love and life that are paid in full, for them to partake of.
      Rev.22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, "come." And let the one who hears say, "come." And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.
      Rev.22:20+21 He who testifies to these things says, "Yes, I am coming quickly." AMEN. Come, Lord Jesus.
      The "GRACE" of the Lord Jesus be with all. AMEN.

Many members One body-"NO" WE want a King.

Saints of the true and living God
      Stewards of the mysteries of God
      We see in 1 Cor. that the church is to be this wonderful body fitted together with all the members being one body, "the body of Christ." Elders, prophets, teachers, the gifts of the Spirit all functioning together to the glory of God. We also see in 1 Cor. 12:22-24 that God in His great wisdom has given more honor to the lesser members. We see this wonderful picture of what, Saints gathered, in His name, by His Spirit, were to be. Sadly nowadays we see little or nothing of this. Even those who see this and desire it, in its true purpose and form, have found little place with His people for such things. Why?
      The answer is in 1 Samuel chapter 8. We read in 1 Samuel 8:19-22, Nevertheless, the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel (do you see that voice again, Samuel was the voice of Gods Spirit), and they said, "NO," but there shall be a king over us, that we also may be "LIKE ALL THE NATIONS" that our king may judge us and go out before us and "FIGHT OUR BATTLES" verse 22..And the Lord said to Samuel, "listen" to "THEIR VOICE", and appoint "THEM" a king.
      God wanted to be their king, He had great plans and a high calling for each of them, but they wanted the easy way out, and they WANTED TO BE LIKE THE OTHERS OF THE WORLD. Samuel did not want this because He knew God and His ways. God did not want this, because He did not want them to go the way of the world. They were not to be ruled, worship, nor be governed, as the world was. They were a unique people, a people chosen by almighty God. A people that were to dwell with God, outside of the ways of the world. A place that God could show His great glory, His presence and His purpose. But they said "NO" we want a king so we can be like them.
      Read 1 Samuel 8:11-18 and see that God warned them what these rulers, would do and take from them. We see this very same thing today. We see these great men of renown that Gods people flock to and depend upon for their security and peace of mind. As in Isreal in those days, there are a few good rulers that take down the high places and remove the idols of the world from them. But most are somewhere between carnal and evil. We see how some have set up high places and idols on every high hill and in the temple itself.
      They (the church for the most part) have gotten just what they demanded from God. They have meetings and services, just like the rest of the world, they have their rulers who dress and conduct themselves just like the world does. They have forsaken the glory that God had for them and they have said "NO" 'there shall be a king over us', so we can be like the nations of the world. And the Lord God almighty has said to those who hear "His voice," Listen to "THEIR VOICE," and appoint them a king.
      And in 1 Samuel 8:14-17. And He will take the best of your fields and your vineyards and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. And he will take a tenth of your seed and of your vineyards, and give to his officers and to his servants. He will also take your male servants and your female servants and your best young men and your donkeys, and use them for "HIS WORK." He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will BECOME HIS SERVANTS.
      Even so God has allowed it and worked through some of these rulers. Gods ways are far above our ways, He knew all these things from the beginning. His great grace and mercy endure forever toward those that He has chosen before the foundation of the earth.

The coming of Elijah and the work of Elisah

Concerning the coming of 'Elijah' and the work of 'Elisah' that follows.
      We all hear and talk about the coming of Elijah, but you hear little about the work of 'Elisah' that starts right after Elijah is 'caught up to heaven'. Even though there are more signs and wonders that take place with Elisah than with Elijah.
      We all wait for the coming of Elijah, before the coming of the Lord. But what is the Spirit of God saying in regards to the work of Elisah, since these two are so connected in the word of God. What becomes of this Spirit of Elijah that we are all waiting for? "It falls upon the Elisahs," when Elijah, 'is caught up to heaven'. Thats when the great power and purpose of the Spirit of Elijah breaks forth in power, with signs and wonders following, in a way that you never see with Elijah. What is God saying? What is He showing us?
      I believe what we see here is this. The Elijahs will be caught up to heaven (in the pretribulation rapture), then after they are gone, the Spirit of Elijah will fall upon the Elisahs. They are certainly not 'one each' in these last days, but types of those, Gods work is being done in. They will not be only Prophets, but each member of the body of Christ fulfilling their own function and part.
      But why did the Elisahs not go up with the Elijahs? You read this in 2 Kings 2:1-6. Elijah keeps telling Elisah to wait and not to follow him. But wait for what? Elijah is being led by the Spirit of God, but Elisah is following 'after Elijah'. Elijah is trying to tell Elisah to wait upon the Spirit of God for himself. We see this even now, in a large way, with the Saints of God. They will travel great distances to follow after someone who is anointed and being led by Gods spirit, but you cannot get them to wait upon the lord for themselves.
      In those same verses in 2 Kings you also see that the prophets 'at large' know that Elijah is going to be soon taken (caught up), but they are standing at a distance and not walking with the Elijahs nor the Elisahs. This is also true nowadays. The prophets of God 'at large' know that there is soon to be this catching up, but they keep their distance. They are those who cannot pay the price to walk in the footsteps of Elijah. They would rather stay with the 'safe' religious system.
      Another reason that the Elisahs do not go with the Elijahs is in 1 Kings 19:19+20. Elijah calls Elisah to follow him but he first turns back. As you read in Luke 9:59-62 "And He said to him, "Follow Me." But he said, "permit me first to go and bury my father." But He said to him, "Allow the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God." And another also said, "I will follow You, Lord; but first permit me to say good-bye to those at home." But Jesus said to him, "No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." You see in 1 Kings 19:19 that Elisah already had his hands to the plow, then he turns back to the natural."
      At the coming of Elijah, before the tribulation, you see that the Elijahs feel very alone, they feel that no one is with them. They come out of nowhere and are seperated and isolated. This is because they cannot and will not partake of this mixing of the things of God with the things of the world.
      Later we see that Gods Spirit falls in great power, but Elijah soon runs from Ahab and Jezebel, as Jezebel becomes angered at him. Jezebel is that spirit of the world that has become one with the leaders of Gods people, through this marraige. This is what was meant in Genesis 6:1-4 by the mixing of the sons of God with the daughters of men. Its when the sons of God see the beauty of the things of the world and become one with it. Its when the sons of Gods start lusting after the things of the world. Its people, religion, wealth etc.. Its this becoming one with the world. We are not to love the world nor the things of the world, much less become one with them. Thats what you see in Genesis chapter 6, and in the marraige of Ahab to Jezebel. Its that oneness with the world and the things of the world, including its religious practices. You also see God warning His people not to follow the ways of Jezebel in Rev. 2:20-23. He says if they do, He will cast them, "with her' into great tribulation.
      So it is after Elijah is caught up, that you see the full outpouring of his spirit. As it is poured out upon the Elisahs.
      After Elijah is caught up, the other prophets, who knew that he was going to be taken are still looking for him somewhere here on earth. But Elisah now goes "straight to the work at hand." And whats the first thing that this work of Elisah accomplishes, after Elijah is gone?
      2 Kings 2:20-22 "but the water is bad, and the land is unfruitful. And he said, "Bring me a 'NEW JAR', and put 'SALT' in it. So they brought it to him. And he went out to the spring of water, and threw salt in it and said, Thus says the lord, I have purified these waters; there shall not be from there death or unfruitfulness any longer. Then in 2 Kings 4:1-7 You see this filling of "ALL" the vessels with oil from heaven. This would never have happened if the water had not been purified first.
      What am I saying in regards to these things? As I now see it, those who will walk with God outside of this great mixing of the sons of God with the daughters of men. Those who God has prepared to stand against the Baal worship. Those who will stand against the works of Jezebel, even when it seems that they are all alone. They are the Elijahs that will be preparing the way of the Lord. They are those who will be waiting, watching and praying for His soon return. They are the ones who will be caught up before the tribulation. Then that great outpouring of the Spirit of Elijah will fall upon the Elisahs and that great work of God will be done, that you see in Revelations 7:9-17. This as the Fathers chosen shall be prepared for His son wedding. In this work, the last of those chosen by the Father will find eternal life through the grace of His Lamb. Then those that are not yet prepared for the wedding will be preparing themselves in a hurried, dedicated and complete way.
      You see the fullness of Elijahs work in John the Baptist. What becomes of the Spirit of Elijah in him? "IT IS POURED OUT UPON THE BODY OF CHRIST" when the Holy Spirit comes upon Jesus at the Jordan river. Do you see it now? The Spirit of Elijah will only be brought forth in power when it is poured out upon the church (the body of Christ). John died because that was the end of the law and the beginning of the church. But you see it in Elijah and Elisah, the Spirit is only poured out upon Elisah, as Elijah is taken. Elijah had done his work at that point, he fought the good fight. His service to God was through, the Spirit is poured out and he is taken (caught up).
      Look at John the Baptist and Elijah. What great signs and wonders do you see in them. Very little. Their power is in the understanding they have received and in their words. Besides Saints, Gods purpose is not in signs and wonders. Its in His Son and that He be lifted up. After all the signs and wonders Jesus did, Hes all alone at the cross.
      What signs and wonders do you see in John the Baptist? Or in Elijah? Its their words and their purpose. And their purpose is CHRIST. "I must decrease, HE must increase." Once Johns time is through, you see this great outpouring of the Spirit of Elijah come upon the Lord, "WITH GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS FOLLOWING."
      John, like Elijah, is not in the city following the mixed religious system. No they both are as far as you can get from it. They are prepared, outside the city, to be the 'voice' of "ONE" crying in the wilderness. And what are they crying? MAKE HIS PATH STRAIGHT. WHY? Because it is all crooked and twisted and mixed. Mixed with what? The world and the things of the world and the worlds religions.
      No, you dont see what you are waiting for in Elijah nor John. But you do see it, in its power and fullness, as it comes upon Elisah, upon "THE BODY OF CHRIST."
      But you say. What of the Elijahs, of the John the Baptists? They will be a seperated people, a people preparing, waiting, watching and praying. Not loving the world nor the things of the world. They will have "FIRE IN THEIR WORDS" as God consumes them, and they will be 'that living sacrifice'. They will present their bodies a living sacrifice, one acceptable to the Lord. Not in their own flesh or works, but through the finished work of the Lamb of God.
      Are you waiting for the Spirit of Elijah. Its a lonely walk, in a lonely place. And Jezebels will 'HATE YOU'.

Joels 'before' and Matthews 'after'

Concerning the endtimes, we read in Matt. 24:29+30 "But immediately 'AFTER' the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken, and then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky,"
      Then in Rev.11:15-19 and in Rev.16:17-21, we read concerning the 7Th trumpet and the 7th bowl about these earth shaking events at the end of the age, at the Lords return.
      We also read in Isaiah 24:18-21 "For the windows above are opened, and the foundations of the earth shake. The earth is broken asunder, The earth is split through, The earth is shaken violently. The earth reels to and fro like a drunkard, And totters like a shack, For its transgression is heavy upon it, And it will fall, never to rise again. So it will happen in that day, That the Lord will punish the host of heaven, on high, And the kings of the earth, on earth." This will also take place at the end of the age, at His return in power and glory.
      But then again we read in Joel 2:30+31 "And I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire, and columns of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood, 'BEFORE' the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
      So it is plain to see, at the Lords return, (at the end of this age) there will be earth shaking events taking place in the heavens and on earth. This would include, signs and wonders in the sky, earthquakes and earth changing events. But it is also plain to see, as Joel says, there will be events of this type 'BEFORE' His return. This will be caused by the asteroid, as it hits the earth, at the beginning of the tribulation. This will cause the things mentioned in Joel, (before the very end), at the beginning of the tribulation. The effects of the asteroid will cause the wonders in the sky and on earth. The blood, fire, and columns of smoke. As the cloud rises over the earth the sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood as they are dimmed by the cloud. As the asteroid hits, it will kick up large amounts of rocks and debris into the air. As these come crashing down, you will have the 'STARS OF THE SKY' crashing to earth as figs from a fig tree. There will be 'COLUMNS OF SMOKE' as endless numbers of rocks come crashing down to earth with smoke pouring out from behind them. The effects of these things will spread throughout the tribulation. Then at the Lords return, there will be the 'GREAT EARTHQUAKE' and the things described in the last half of the 6Th seal, the 7TH trumpet, the 7TH bowl and Isaiah 24:18-20. That will be the end of this age and the beginning of the Lords ruling and reigning on earth.
      The asteroids impact (in the ocean), will also cause the events of Luke 21:25-28 "And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the 'ROARING OF THE SEA AND THE WAVES (caused by the asteroid crashing into the ocean), men FAINTING FROM FEAR and the EXPECTATION of the things 'WHICH ARE COMING' upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. AND THEN they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. BUT WHEN THESE THINGS "BEGIN TO TAKE PLACE," 'STRAIGHTEN UP' and lift up your heads, because your redemption is DRAWING NEAR."

Concerning the 144000

Concerning the 144000 we see in Rev. 7:4 and Rev. 14:1. In Revelations chapter 7:1-8 we see where 12000 are sealed from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. Thus 144000 are sealed by God for redemption in Christ. Remember in Rev. chapter seven we are still in the subject of the seven seals and the time that people will and can find grace through Christs blood. As I have stated, the seven seals cover the entire church age from beginning to end, including the tribulation period.
      In Revelations chapter seven we are still in the sixth seal, which covers those who will be saved during the tribulation.
      What we are seeing in Rev. 7:1-8 are those Jewish people who will find grace through the blood of the Lamb, during the tribulation period. But will only 144000, "and only 144000" be saved from the twelve tribes of Israel during the tribulation? The answer is no! The word 'number' here is the same word used in John 6:10, in Acts 4:4, Rev. 5:11 and several other places in the new testament. Every time, that it is used, it is a representative number, that represents the total. Not the total itself. It is also the word used for the number of the Beast in Rev. 13:17+18, this we will bring up later in this message.
      The number twelve, in Revelations, has to do with eternal perfection and completion. We see these from the twelve tribes of Israel, that will have this eternal work done in them. Thus 12 (the twelve tribes of Israel) x 12000 (the representative # of the whole from each tribe) which equals 144000. Thus the 144000 here represents all (whatever that total may be) of those from the twelve tribes of Israel that will find grace in Christ during the tribulation period.
      Then in Rev. 14:1 we see this number of 144000 that are the first fruits, caught up to heaven before the tribulation period. Remember in Rev. chapter 14 we are dealing with the harvesting of the earth. We see these 144000 standing with the Lamb, having His name and the name of His Father on their foreheads. We see in verse 4, that they are the first fruits of the harvest to come. It is also clear from verse 4, that these first fruits, are faithful to the Lamb. They walk with God as Enoch did, then they will be not, for God will take them, as He did Enoch.
      Throughout the Bible, the fruit that was ripe before the harvest, was taken in, as an offering to God, before the harvest yet to come. These are those Jews and gentiles that will be caught up to the throneroom of God, as first fruits, before the harvest at large. This number, which as already been established in Revelations as the number which represents the whole, represents the total of those who will be caught up to heaven (as first fruits) before the tribulation. Its the first fruits of the harvest to take place, during the tribulation period. Or those that are waiting, ready, praying and prepared when He comes as a thief in the night.
      In the 1970's and 1980's it seemed that most of the church was taught and believed that all christians would be raptured before the tribulation. This clearly is not in the word of God, but now I see the church leaning too far the other way. Now I see them going in the direction that says 'ALL' of the christians will go into the tribulation. There is a real danger in this and this is clearly not correct either. If christians start to accept, as truth, that 'ALL' christians will go through the tribulation, then why be prepared for something that could not happen for "AT LEAST" 7 years. There will be great power and rewards for the Saints who serve the Lord during the tribulation. So why not enjoy all that Babylon has to offer now and get your rewards during the tribulation? If these are the very last days and you must go through the tribulation, then you would know, that you have at least 7 years left.
      In Matt.24:45-51 you see this incorrect teaching and the dangers of it. You see this 'SLAVE' (of the Lords) who thinks he has learned that his master cannot come "FOR A LONG TIME". Those who teach that all Saints must go through the whole tribulation, teach that they have, "AT LEAST" 7 years left. He then begins to beat his fellow slaves. The word beat or smite here means by repeated blows to their conscience. And this slave begins to eat and drink with drunkards. He is now eating a different food and drinking a drink that is making him intoxicated. This new food and drink, makes him smite his fellow slaves in their conscience. As you see in verse 50, the master of this slaves comes at an hour and day, that this slave, did not expect him. Do you see it? This slave started to eat and drink new things and his master ended up returning at a time when he thought he would not and could not. I see this as a clear picture of christian teachers, that begin to teach that their master "CAN NOT" come until a certain time and they are caught of gaurd when He returns at a time that they thought, "He could not".
      And what becomes of this slave who wasnt waiting and begins to eat and drink these other things? In verse 51 it says that his master "shall cut him in pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites; weeping shall be there and the gnashing of teeth". This clearly shows me that he goes into the tribulation with the other hypocrites. Certainly it does not refer to hell. Would God send one of His slaves to hell, who fell into false teaching and led others astray with it? NO! ALL of the church has at least 'some' false teaching. But this slave certainly would go into the tribulation. He would clearly not be waiting, since he is teaching that his master "can not" come for many years. And he would also be smiting his fellow slaves conscience by leaving them with hopelessness and despair. Those who would be listening to this teaching, would think there was no way out. They would just wait for something that could not take place for "AT LEAST" many years and then "ONLY" after the Antichrist comes to power. All of us, truely would watch and wait for the Antichrist and not Jesus Christ, if this were true.
      This is why christians are so divided over pretribulation rapture and post tribulation rapture. Because they are both right. Jesus said that we were to be ready, watch, pray and be prepared for His coming as a thief in the night. But as Paul said, we shall all be changed at "THE LAST TRUMPET". Then you read in 1 Thess. chapter 4:15 "that we who are alive 'and remain' until the coming of the Lord". If at the last trumpet (at the end of the tribulation) you are 'alive', then what could 'remain' mean, but remain from those already taken in the pretibulation, first fruits, rapture. There are far too many verses to prove the pretrib. and post trib. views. Our purpose here is concerning the number 144000 in Revelations.
      Therefore the number 144000, in Revelations 7:1-8 and Rev.14:1 represent the total number. It is therefore only a representative number, which represents the whole. In Rev. 7:1-8 it represents the total number of the Jewish people who will be saved through the blood of Christ during the tribulation period. Then in revelation 14:1 it represents the total number of those who will be raptured before the tribulation as frist fruits of the harvest to come.
      Now as I mentioned earlier, the word used for 'number', is also the same word used in regards to "THE NUMBER" of the Beast in Revelations chapter 13. This shows me that the "NUMBER" of the beast (666) is only a representative number of some whole total. As I said, Gods Spirit revealed nothing to me concerning the Antichrist or his kingdom so I have little to say in regards to those things. But it seems to me that this should shed some light in regards to the "NUMBER" of the Beast in Revelations chapter 13.

In closing.

Saints: What can I say in closing? Do I think I know all things concerning the endtimes? Not at all. I have found out how little I know. Do I think that everything I have written is perfect? Not at all. I do think that there is value and light to be found in these things you have read, but now I only see this.
      1 Cor.8:1-3 "Knowledge makes arrogant, but love edifies. If anyone supposes that he knows anything, he has not yet known as he ought to know; but if anyone loves God, he is known by God."
      Anyone who would claim to 'know it all' or have it all right, would be wrong to start with. For as 1 Cor. chapter 12 says "we are all members of one body" we are all only a part of the whole body, which is Christ.
      As it says in 1 Cor.14:26 "What is the outcome then, brethren? When you come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a teaching, hath a tongue, hath a 'REVELATION' hath an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification."
      1 Cor.14:29-33 "And let two or three prophets speak, and let the others pass judgement. But if a revelation is made to another who is seated, let the first keep silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all may be exhorted;."
      We have found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
      Through His grace we have received mercy.
      Through His mercy, we have life.
      Through His life, we are to be....
      Crucified with Christ.
      In Him

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