Our daughters miraculous healing

      I want to share a wonderful miracle that took place several years ago. We have seen several healings, visions and wonders done by the Spirit of God in our lives. But there is one miracle which stands out above the rest. I'd like to share that with you now. My only desire, in sharing this with you, is that it might increase your faith, in this 'LIVING GOD' which has called you through the grace that is in His son. For He is 'Jehovah Rapha', He is the 'I am', who heals. He is a living God.
      Several years ago, my daughter (who was 3 years old at the time) had an amazing miracle happen to her.
      My wife had taken her (our daughter) to my sisters house to visit and to let her play with my nephew. He was about the same age. My daughter was in the yard playing, with my nephew, when she picked up a hard plastic pipe and put it in her mouth. Just as she put the pipe in her mouth, my nephew ran up behind her and pushed her down (face forward) with this pipe still in her mouth.
      As she fell to the ground, the pipe cut through the roof of her mouth and went into her head, through the the top rear part of her mouth. The entire roof of her mouth was cut open. From her front teeth, to the back of her mouth it was torn apart. In the back of her mouth, at the top rear, was a hole going up towards her skull. The roof of her mouth was hanging down. It looked like, wet brown leaves hanging from the roof of her mouth. In the rear of her mouth was this hole big enough to stick your thumb into.
      My wife and my sister took her straight to the hospital. The doctors did all that they could for her there. They told us, that she was going to need, total reconstrutive surgery, done to the inside of her mouth. They said, that they could do no more for her at the hospital, that we would be taking her to Childrens Hospital in the morning. There, they said, she would have the entire roof of her mouth reconstructed.
      At this point, now late at night, the doctors said that we could take her home, and then staight to Childrens Hospital in the morning. They said that she was in no danger of death, so we could take her home for the short time remaining until morning. They said that she could not eat anything, and we only had to watch for sudden swelling or sudden changes in her behavior.
      On the way home, and even after we got home, she continued to cry, non stop. It had been many hours since the accident and she had not stopped crying. She also had not eaten since breakfast and it was now late at night.
      At this point my wife started to cry, as she felt sorry for our daughter. Our daughters pain and hunger were overwhelming.
      My wife then said, John, we've got to pray for her. I said, Yes, we'll pray. But this is just too much. Maybe He (God) will, at least, stop some of the pain. My wife then brought her to us, but my daughter started to cry even harder. She was screaming from the pain at this point.
      I've got to be honest, we had very little faith at this point. We were being overwhelmed by her pain. We just prayed, 'God please help our daughter'! We said nothing else.
      Then suddenly she (our daughter) fell on the floor laughing! My wife looked at me and said. "What's happening to her"? Is she going into convulsions? Should we call the hospital? Something is happening to her. But she just kept laughing.
      At this point my daughter (who is was 3 yrs. old) is rolling on the floor and laughing as hard as a person could laugh. She could not stop giggling and laughing. The doctors had told us to watch for any sudden changes in her behavior. They said that if there were any, that we must rush her back to the hospital. But she was clearly cracking up laughing, and in 'no pain'.
      My wife was then starting to get worried. She said 'what did you do to her'? I told my wife, hold her down, while I open her mouth. My daughter continued to laugh out loud. As I held her down, my wife opened her mouth and looked inside, for about about a minute or so. She then let go and jumped up with a look of shock on her face. I said, whats the matter? But now, my wife is crying, and my daughter is still laughing out loud. I asked her again what she saw! This is what she told me.
      She said that, as she looked into her mouth, she could see the roof of her mouth still hanging down and torn apart. She said that it looked like, wet brown leaves, hanging from the roof of her mouth. But she said, immediately, the inside of her mouth started to be healed. She said that, as soon as she started looking into her mouth, it started to be repaired. She said that it looked just like a time elapsed film, of a flower opening up. Only this was in reverse. Her mouth was opened up and hanging there at first. But as she looked, her mouth went back to normal. All of the tissue that was hanging down, started to pull upward and back into place. She said, she could also see the hole, in the back of her mouth, as it closed up. AND THEN THE DAMAGE AND THE HOLE WERE GONE!
      I then held our daughter down (as she continued to laugh) and looked into her mouth. Everything was completely normal. No damage at all! I ran my finger along the top of her mouth and she just laughed. I pushed my finger into the back of her mouth, where this big hole was. It was also completely normal. No pain, just more laughter.
      My wife and I just looked at each other and I said. Well its not because of our great faith, we thought it was hopeless. We were just asking for our daughters pain to stop. But God, in His great grace, did this wonderful miracle.
      About 10 minutes later our daughter started to insist that she be given some food. She wanted 'Cookie Crisp' cereal. We told her that they were, very hard, that it would be dangerous for her to eat them at this point. But she insisted. She wanted nothing but this, very hard, cookie type cereal. She had not eaten all day, she seemed to be completely healed, so we let her try one. She ate it like nothing had ever happened. She then went on to eat 'two full bowls' of this very hard cereal, 'WITHOUT MILK'!!
      She never had ANYTHING else done with her mouth, and her mouth is normal to this day.
      I would like to say that we 'prayed through'. I'd like to say that we 'had faith'. But I can only say, that "He" heard our cry. That He had mercy on us.
      I will say. He is "Jehovah Rapha". He is, "The I Am," who heals!
      It is He, who the believing Jews, "know to be" Yeshua!
      He who, we call, "Jesus"!

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